Faun Fables ready their enchanted forest stagecoach for spritely spring tour [News Article]

New Order tour the parks, pavilions, and centers of a certain half of North America this summer [News Article]

Nightlands goes on tour: a story involving professional pinball and silver body paint [News Article]

Television to play Marquee Moon at ATP Australia; Balam Acab and an all-star Rowland S. Howard tribute band, too [News Article]

ADULT. ready new album on Ghostly, explain the importance of spaying/neutering your pets [News Article]

More Speck Mountain, please: Chicago space rock outfit tours, inspires horrible hot chocolate metaphors [News Article]

Chrissy Murderbot releases Greatest Hits ★★★★★, including America's greatest Waffle House tribute [News Article]

oOoOO releasing debut full-length on his brand new, difficult-to-spell label [News Article]

Titus Andronicus name their spring tour the Bring Back the Dudes tour; I don't even need a funny headline now, thanks [News Article]

Swans, Black Flag, Rhys Chatham, and more to play magical festival of the future in Brooklyn [News Article]

James Chance, Andrew W.K., ?uestlove, Kim Gordon, and many others walk into a bar to participate in "Improvised Round Robin Duets" [News Article]

Ghost Box Orchestra release spoooooky new album, ensorcell East Coast on spring tour [News Article]

Demdike Stare to release the bats AND new Testpressing#001 single on Modern Love [News Article]

SXSW Music 2013 [Features]

Camera Obscura return with new album, tour, and even more charming winter hats [News Article]

Mexican Summer reissues three Lansing-Dreiden releases on crisp shiny new vinyl records [News Article]

Ariel Pink announces US tourdates, gets to play music in a cemetery; the hell are you doing with YOUR life, huh? [News Article]

Tricky launches new label, drops new album, both conveniently named False Idols [News Article]

It's a family affair: Molly Drake, mother of Nick, gets an album release [News Article]

Calexico line up summer tour with festival dates and wrasslin' galore [News Article]


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