Awesome band returns after lengthy hiatus with new album, world tour: Dead Can Dance edition [News Article]

Diplo wants you to Express Yourself on bangin'/spankin' new EP [News Article]

Lawrence Arabia's new album The Sparrow takes flight in late July [News Article]

Dylan Ettinger tours the United States; somewhere, a baby bird learns to fly [News Article]

Pygmalion Fest brings double headliners Grizzly Bear and Dinosaur Jr. to Champaign-Urbana, home of the Drinking Illini [News Article]

Radiohead producer and general lurking figure Nigel Godrich forms his own band Ultraísta [News Article]

Björk bows out of Primavera fests on doctor's orders [News Article]

How to Dress Well sails off on summer's smoothest tour... holding a suitcase full of XXL JNCOs [News Article]

Jean Piché's long lost Heliograms reissued by Digitalis; take heed, fans of early Canadian electronic music [News Article]

Oops, someone's suing Google again: artist's images of Hendrix, Coltrane = alleged copyright infringement [News Article]

Purity Ring and 4AD have a special album in the oven! Dust off your broomsticks and ball gowns! [News Article]

The Men, Iceage, Amen Dunes, and Simon Reynolds open the door into the post-punk Narnia known as Incubate Fest [News Article]

Quintron and Miss Pussycat tour North America, invent device to make your house sing, release more puppet mystery DVDs [News Article]

Father Yod & The Source Family 2xLP arriving c/o Drag City next month, so keep your third eye open [News Article]

Hopscotch Fest 2012: what you get when Zola Jesus, Jesus & Mary Chain, Yo La Tengo & The Roots walk into a bar [News Article]

A Place to Bury Strangers tour West Coast with This Will Destroy You, show off split 7-inch with Ceremony [News Article]

London's illustrious Rough Trade record shops to open NYC location; if you loiter outside maybe you'll get in a press photo [News Article]

Can celebrate The Lost Tapes release with a DJ set in LA tonight and a discussion in NY on April 17 [News Article]

Thrill Jockey releases debut album by kandodo, world's first band named after a supermarket (at least according to a quick Google search I did) [News Article]

Prinzhorn Dance School (of DFA fame) show off shiny new video for "I Want You," release single EP [News Article]