Ruins dude's Ruins Alone album released on SKiN GRAFT; you're never alone with Ruins Alone [News Article]

Omar Souleyman to release formerly cassette-only Syrian wedding jams this November [News Article]

Water Borders to release album on Tri Angle while pouring water over the face of an immobilized captive, thus causing the individual to experience the sensation of drowning [News Article]

And lo! Woodsist begat Hello Sunshine, who begat new LPs from Jovontaes, The Polyps [News Article]

Sacred Bones takes Psychic Ills under its thin, skeletal arm, sends new album into the world [News Article]

Nas inks deal to write illest memoir in literary history, It Ain't Hard to Tell [News Article]

Silver Apples tour Europe, rock ATP, and still wish a pox on you after 42 years [News Article]

Wire tour the UK and release sexy, titillating, tour-exclusive live album [News Article]

Generationals keep the memory of CNN's holographic alive during fall tour [News Article]

Melvins limited-edition 8-LP box set on sale TODAY; superfans assemble! [News Article]

Relive the magic of the Jesus Lizard reunion in your very own home, thanks to this new Jesus Lizard double LP [News Article]

Fucked Up and Wavves team up for "rocking" fall road trip [News Article]

Jacuzzi Boys get America wet on fall tour in support of Glazin' [News Article]

Association of Independent Music honors Björk, Domino Records founder Laurence Bell with first-ever Independent Music Awards [News Article]

Melt-Banana ready the tour bus for presidential election campaign I mean FALL TOUR [News Article]

Human/bat hybrid John Maus flies into a town near you for spooooky fall tour [News Article]

We we we so excited for Thursday, the new Weeknd mixtape out yesterday [News Article]

Marissa Nadler tours this fall, sells stuff on awesome Etsy site [News Article]

Factory Records rarities and dance remixes reissued by Strut, re-danced to by dancers [News Article]

Seminal 90s electronica group returns: Plaid edition [News Article]


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