Cee Lo & Big Boi unite for greatest tour of all time [News Article]

At last, a Buddha Machine app for iPads [News Article]

In bold anti-zombie stand, Liars release another LIVE recording [News Article]

Nitzer Ebb release new album, tour after 15-year hiatus [News Article]

Former Supergrass guitar player Charly Coombes releases new EP, tours UK [News Article]

The most expensive song in the world: file-swapper Jammie Thomas-Rasset must pay RIAA $1.5M [News Article]

Winter Interpol tour saves US from Seasonal Affective Disorder [News Article]

Elfin Saddle DVD extravaganza out on Constellation; what a wonderful Wurld! [News Article]

Throbbing Gristle is dead, long live X-TG: Genesis P-Orridge quits the band [News Article]

Best Coast release "Boyfriend" video, extend tour, say "hella" a lot [News Article]

Crystal Castles announce spring tour, deny being spring chickens despite no one accusing them of being spring chickens [News Article]

Wow! A new EP from Massive Attack! Atlas Air! November 22! Wow! [News Article]

Pass the popcorn: Metric have a (short) movie and a (short) tour [News Article]

Deutsche Grammophon bids adieu to Hamburg, moves to Berlin [News Article]

Pitchfork's new #Offline festival aligns with CMJ Music Marathon (a.k.a. Schreiber's nuts are fucking huge) [News Article]

Black Francis unleashes The Golem rock album (and DVD) on the masses [News Article]

Broken Social Scene & The Sea and Cake make beautiful music together on new 7-inch — at least we hope it'll be beautiful [News Article]

Pillow fight!! The Music Tapes wanna play your slumber party this winter [News Article]

Upcoming Tricky tour wassails its way across North America [News Article]

The Pop Group join Sonic Youth for a very special ATP New Year's Eve [News Article]


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