Latest Jagjaguwar Signing Dinosaur Jr. Embark on Spring Tour, Give You Free Stuff [News Article]

Black Mountain Tour with The Sadies, Bring Warmth and Friendship of Canada to West Coast [News Article]

King Khan and The Shrines Tour the Warm States; Originally EU-Only Album Reissued by Vice Records [News Article]

Legendary L.A. Rockers X Wanna Spend AT LEAST One Night with You [News Article]

Primavera Sound Festival Confirms Aphex Twin, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, A Certain Ratio, and [News Article]

Björk's Voltaic Box Set Combines Thrill of Volta Live Show with Great New Way to Spen [News Article]

A Place to Bury Strangers Prep New LP, Tour, Get in Touch with their Collective Inner Trekkie [News Article]

Tricky Plans Totally Epic, Bitchin' Tour of the U.S. This Spring [News Article]

Koch Records Eschews Trashy Stripper Names, Decides to Change Name to the Vague But Classy E1 [News Article]

Together At Last! Massive Attack Samples All Conveniently Located in One Album [News Article]

Thurston Moore and Mats Gustafsson bring in da noise, bring in da funk on East Coast tour [News Article]

Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Bush, Goodnight Arthur Magazine? The Music Mag Bids Adieu to Print [News Article]

Bush Tetras, David Thomas of Pere Ubu, Suicide Commandos and Skoal Kodiak Headline Show of the Year [News Article]

Like a Hard-Livin', Homicide-Obsessed Phoenix, Murder City Devils Return for a String of Totally Roc [News Article]

The Raveonettes Prepare for U.S. Tour, Get Ready to Get Ready to Record Album [News Article]

Morrissey Tours: The Greatest Gift of All! [News Article]

No Fun Fest 2009 Fails to Live Up to "Un-Fun" Moniker Once Again; Merzbow, Sonic Youth, Bastard Nois [News Article]

The Knife Write an Opera about Darwin, Kinda Creeps Some People Out [News Article]

Times New Viking Play Velvet Underground Covers, Avoids Creepy Mystery Injections [News Article]

Just Another Diamond Documentary: Vashti Bunyan Flick Debuts at London Film Festival [News Article]


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