Danny Elfman prepares for cheery Easter concert of music from Tim Burton flicks, nah j/k, it's a Halloween concert [News Article]

A nominal legal victory over our corporate ticketing overlords Ticketmaster returns about $2 to your pocket [News Article]

Interpol announce 2014 US tour, team up with famous people for typical Illuminati new album BS [News Article]

Pere Ubu releasing new album Carnival of Souls in September, believe it or not inspired by the movie Carnival of Souls [News Article]

Linda Perhacs cancels UK dates after nasty fall [News Article]

BBC Doc When Björk Met Attenborough out now; learn which kind of ice cream these two stars just can't HANDLE! [News Article]

FYF Fest shows off a sassy new summer look with new location and lineup featuring Slowdive, Flying Lotus, Grimes and more [News Article]

MV & EE chart tour of the East Coast's most evocatively named towns, rep two new live discs [News Article]

Reissued singles from Arthur Russell and Steve D’Acquisto’s Loose Joints will make (most of) your dreams come true [News Article]

33 1/3 blurs the lines between video games, music, books, and plumbing with new Super Mario Bros. title [News Article]

Things are gettin' weird at OFF Festival 2014: Glenn Branca set to curate Experimental Stage [News Article]

Re-release The Bats! Flying Nun and Captured Tracks team up to reissue more sweet sweet The Bats vinyl [News Article]

Release the bats! And the bossa-nova-influenced French melodies! Mute releasing 2xCD collecting Mick Harvey's Serge Gainsbourg covers [News Article]

Soul Jazz whittles proto-punk history down to the essential 21 songs on third Punk 45 compilation [News Article]

Pop your remaining 'ludes! There's a new Cabaret Voltaire comp in town and it's ready to party [News Article]

Blackest Ever Black release Bremen's Second Launch; back me up on this guys, space is terrifying, yes? [News Article]

The Clean's Anthology gets reissued by Merge on quadruple vinyl... the album won't stop multiplying! [News Article]

America's largest vinyl pressing company adds second location; rock & roll vinyl set to spread like a cool plague across the land [News Article]

Sub Pop Festival lands in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile to bring rockin' tunes and roundtable Game of Thrones discussions to the Southern Hemisphere [News Article]

Record Store Day boosts vinyl sales 2,000%; record store clerks ask if they can go get coffee now [News Article]


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