Dosh takes a holiday from the mystical land of Narnia for a tour with Matthew E. White and a new album release [News Article]

Carl Wilson's 33 1/3 Celine Dion book reprinted in expanded edition, the only book you'll ever need [News Article]

Universal reissues Kanye's 808s and Heartbreak on vinyl, rubbing their collective Mr. Burns hands together in glee [News Article]

Learn 15 debatable vocabulary words AND read about the new Olan Mill LP, all by using this one weird trick! [News Article]

Way Through take you on magickal English roadtrip on new album for Upset the Rhythm [News Article]

Wooden Shjips emerge from their wintry Valhalla lair, share new acoustic version of song from new LP [News Article]

Lo-Fang releases debut single ahead of full-length on 4AD, jetsets around the world with his magical rare releases [News Article]

Suede tour Europe, release ultimate vinyl box set so fancy your Persian cat will be like "whoa slow down TOO FANCY" [News Article]

Awesome Tapes from Africa releases amazing Afro-pop-meets-early-90s-dance LP from janitor/politician/songwriter Penny Penn [News Article]

Mac DeMarco, human embodiment of the bus from Speed, announces nonstop world tour [News Article]

Primitive Calculators [Chocolate Grinder]

K reissues Girl Trouble's 1988 debut LP; collectors of reissued late 80s LPs everywhere rejoice [News Article]

Unknown Mortal Orchestra release new acoustic EP, but it's not like, emo or jam band-y or anything like that, it's still COOL ha ha, right guys? [News Article]

U.S. Girls releasing new Motown-tinged, acid-tinged EP in September [News Article]

Mysterious dumpster of wonders yields rare recordings from Joy Division and New Order [News Article]

Seefeel's debut LP gets 20th anniversary reissue, still a useful soundtrack for giving birth [News Article]

ATP announces Shellac and The Dismemberment Plan for final End of An Era Festival [News Article]

Meat Puppets go on longest fall tour ever; this is your time to shine, Delaware! [News Article]

Sacred Bones journeys to the CD Collectors' Temple of Dune to bring you lost Twin Peaks and Eraserhead CDs [News Article]

FINALLY a Cabaret Voltaire box set to put next to my Throbbing Gristle box set. Thanks, Mute!! [News Article]


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