Lucrecia Dalt readies new full-length album Syzygy, a harnessing of her inner movie buff [News Article]

Mind Over Mirrors announces new album When the Rest Are Up at Four, possibly inspired by Yahoo! Answers [News Article]

Joanna Newsom set to appear in Paul Thomas Anderson film Inherent Vice; extended monologues about dirigibles flatly denied [News Article]

Death Grips no-show in Chicago apparently planned all long; attendees concede the meaning, but mostly pissed off [News Article]

Over 50% of all vinyl sales now coming from independent record shops; what a quirky statistic! [News Article]

Unicorn Hard-On aims to impregnate your ears with all sorts of beat-driven enchantment, announces Weird Universe LP on Spectrum Spools [News Article]

Four Tet announces new full-length Beautiful Rewind; ah, the beauty of mid-90s video rental policy [News Article]

The Field announces Cupid's Head on Kompakt, just in time for early Valentine's Day shoppers! [News Article]

DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn unveil European dates for August, may as well name their next album Welcome to the Kat (as in Katowice) [News Article]

White Poppy cannot soothe your allergies, but she can offer you a debut self-titled LP on Not Not Fun [News Article]

Huerco S. takes advantage of your danceable resources, readies Colonial Patterns LP on Software [News Article]

Mountains maintain their love of particular geographic features, reissue Mountains Mountains Mountains on Thrill Jockey [News Article]

Steve Hauschildt announces two-disc anthology of tracks you haven't yet used to pretend your car is a rocket ship [News Article]

Kathleen Hanna and The Julie Ruin announce Run Fast LP, doubling as a minimal guide to the 100 meter dash [News Article]

Slow Walkers (Liz Harris a.k.a. Grouper and Lawrence English) push back against sidewalk fascists, announce debut, self-titled LP on Peak Oil [News Article]

Actress shirks the dramatics and reveals via Twitter the tracklisting for his new LP Ghettoville [News Article]

Animal Collective come down with a case of déjà vu; all July tour dates postponed [News Article]

Wolfgang Voigt announces book/CD Zukunft Ohne Menschen, hopes that the actual zukunft ohne menschen comes long after its release [News Article]

Sub Rosa's 7th and final Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music glides down from the heavens on a golden beam of light [News Article]

Cellular Chaos, containing a wild Weasel Walter and a slight risk of irradiation, announces debut LP set for release this month [News Article]


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