Warner Music Group sued by 3,000 former interns; janitors join in by complaining of "unusually messy bowel movements" [News Article]

The Body and Thou announce collaborative tour/mutual agreement to scarily blow the fuck out of your eardrums [News Article]

Hospital acts Clay Rendering, Lussuria, and Dual Action schedule Summer Always Summer tour; weather control machines apparently not just a tool of various governments [News Article]

Twitter reportedly in talks to purchase SoundCloud; I can't wait to soundcleet my audible reaction to this! [News Article]

Sicko Mobb find the cure for no-label melancholy, sign record deal with Polo Grounds/RCA [News Article]

Fis releases Iterations EP on Tri Angle, shares his fetal aspirations with new track [News Article]

Pharmakon announces European tour with Swans; tickets for a fall face-melting now available [News Article]

Leyland Kirby's 40th birthday sparks a numerical obsession; 40-track album We Drink to Forget the Coming Storm now available for free download [News Article]

Modeselektor to modeselebrate their modesuperlative taste in music with upcoming Modeselektion Vol. 03 compilation [News Article]

Steve Gunn and Mike Cooper collaborate for a stringed expression of saudade on upcoming LP FRKWYS Vol. 11: Cantos de Lisboa [News Article]

Martyn details third LP The Air Between Words, with copeland and Four Tet joining the unique fight against awkward silences [News Article]

Substrata 1.4: Mika Vainio, Carl Hultgren, Akira Rabelais, Koen Holtkamp, and more selected to perform at this year's guaranteed mental puddling [News Article]

A celebration of 10 bleepin' amazing years: Bleep anniversary compilation features exclusive tracks from Oneohtrix Point Never, Gas, Autechre, and more [News Article]

Fade to Mind starting collaborative release series called Mind to Mind; MikeQ and DJ Sliink first to touch brains [News Article]

Pantha Du Prince presents The Triad on upcoming May tour; three musicians playing together never sounded so mysterious [News Article]

Beneath burrows out from underneath the home of Bill Kouligas, announces Vobes EP on PAN [News Article]

Lust For Youth announce International LP on Sacred Bones, suggest sending gift baskets if you want some tour dates as well [News Article]

Jason Lescalleet continues screening tour tonight in NY with C. Spencer Yeh and others; additional music shows lined up [News Article]

Nozinja, South African producer behind Shangaan Electro, speeds up his tunes to Warp levels [News Article]