Nozinja, South African producer behind Shangaan Electro, speeds up his tunes to Warp levels [News Article]

Fhloston Paradigm (a.k.a. King Britt) pulls debut LP The Phoenix from the Diva's juicy blue abdomen, out on Hyperdub this June [News Article]

M. Geddes Gengras patches in detachment on upcoming album Ishi, out on Leaving in June [News Article]

Arto Lindsay receives the musical wiki treatment on upcoming double album Encyclopedia of Arto Lindsay [1] [News Article]

Noxagt return bearing merciless gifts, release new LP Brutage and new compilation Collection 1 [News Article]

RVNG unearth K. Leimer's A Period of Review (Original Recordings: 1975-1983), an early electronic gem from the Pacific Northwest [News Article]

Wu-Tang Clan challenge pirates with the "release" of single-copy LP priced "in the millions" [News Article]

Athens to celebrate Elephant 6 through series of exhibitions, screenings, and strictly herbivorous events [News Article]

Second weekend of Sasquatch! Music Festival canceled due to Pacific Northwesterners' aversion to camping [News Article]

Pitchfork Music Festival pulls back a consecutive curtain; full lineup includes DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn, Majical Cloudz, St. Vincent, Danny Brown, Kelela, and more [News Article]

Wold, not interested in going out for ice cream, announce possible final album Postsocial [News Article]

Sculpture announce their direct appeal to lipids and proteins with new LP Membrane Pop on Software [News Article]

Trans Am recommend turning it up to Volume X for their 10th LP, but my version of iTunes doesn't support Latin [News Article]

Spotify no longer wonders "If I only had a brain... ," acquires music intelligence company The Echo Nest [News Article]

Members of Slint and Grails form Watter; self-liquefaction deemed less important than the release of their debut LP [News Article]

A Winged Victory for the Sullen perform an auditory striptease with upcoming EP Atomos VII; new full-length set for release later this year [News Article]

Fear of Men cower to the mythical male telling them to release more music, announce Loom LP, North American tour dates [News Article]

YYU espouses multitasking, announces Kiss As We Walk 12-inch while whittling a statuette; new album in September [News Article]

Stephen O'Malley, Oren Ambarchi, and Randall Dunn advise watch synchronization, so you don't miss the release of their 2xLP Shade Themes From Kairos [News Article]