Boris and eight other Japanese bands prep My Bloody Valentine tribute album Yellow Loveless (wait, that's racist!) [News Article]

Drexciya compiled for the third time (out of four) on Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller III [News Article]

Vatican Shadow (Dominick Fernow) compiles sinister percussion + the War on Terror on 3LP release It Stands to Conceal [News Article]

Loren Connors and Bill Orcutt smack each other with sound on new NATCH 8 collaboration [News Article]

Three Legged Race announces first full-length LP Persuasive Barrier; two legged race continues its lazy, bipedal existence [News Article]

Jeff Mangum, Lee Ranaldo, and Guy Picciotto among those set to perform at Occupy Wall Street-affiliated telethon [News Article]

ISPs to implement Copyright Alert System within weeks, may or may not come with sirens [News Article]

Stones Throw Records documentary launches Kickstarter campaign, on track to reach its goal in two shakes of a lamb's tail [News Article]

Squarepusher refuses a life without really cool helmets, announces live EP, begins North American tour next week [News Article]

Holy Other [Chocolate Grinder]

The Beatles' penises nigh unrecognizable after Museum of Liverpool defacement [News Article]

FORMA to materialize OFF/ON off, I mean on Spectrum Spools this November [News Article]

Jim O'Rourke's ATP festival in Tokyo cancelled; Wayne's theory of "if you book them, they will come" immediately called into question [News Article]

Hecker releasing new LP on Editions Mego in three different languages [News Article]

Roll Hall of Fame tries to be just a smidgen more hip: Public Enemy, N.W.A., and Kraftwerk among the nominees for the Class of 2013 [News Article]

Bill Orcutt, Jon Porras, Pete Swanson, Decimus and more contribute to new compilation supporting a still recovering Tom Carter [News Article]

Kanye West sued for copyright infringement; probability of him giving a damn: minimal [News Article]

Myspace defeats Apple in a battle of the orange music icons (a trademarking story) [News Article]

Amon Tobin explores life outside the cube, preps new Two Fingers album Stunt Rhythms [News Article]

VIA Music & New Media Festival: Julia Holter, Demdike Stare, Laurel Halo, and many more travel to a mysterious and isolated land known as Pittsburgh [News Article]