Radiohead postpone European shows; if your culture is known for its elaborate hand gestures, this concerns you [News Article]

Google threatens to sue sites that convert YouTube videos into Mp3s, because somehow, somewhere, people are losing money as a result, maybe [News Article]

Karl Bartos, formerly of Kraftwerk, announces solo album; we await the boings, the booms, and the tschaks [News Article]

Domino gives you access to all that sweet indie action with new subscription service [News Article]

Stage collapse prior to Radiohead concert in Toronto leaves one dead and three injured [News Article]

Unsound 2012 hints at its initial awesomeness: Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin, Julia Holter with the Sinfonietta Cracovia, Leyland Kirby as V/Vm [News Article]

Icebreaker and BJ Cole figuratively caress Brian Eno's bald head with Apollo re-imagining [News Article]

Holy Other to release debut album Held on Tri Angle; alternatively: >HELD< :OOOOOO [News Article]

Sepalcure announce workout disguised as North American tour [News Article]

Evan Caminiti (Barn Owl) to release album with appropriately introspective title Dreamless Sleep on Thrill Jockey [News Article]

James Plotkin and Jon Mueller to release double-LP Terminal Velocity, and no, formulas will not be provided [News Article]

Digital music sales outperform physical alternatives for the first time in the UK; CDs hit the gym in desperate attempt to maintain sex appeal [News Article]

J Dilla's mother launches record label in her son's honor; my mother launches record label in support of well-balanced meals [News Article]

NGUZUNGUZU weaponize bass this summer with Warm Pulse EP on Hippos in Tanks [News Article]

RIAA seeks $75 trillion in LimeWire copyright case, as if their plot for world domination was ever in question [News Article]

Mark Fell and DJ Sprinkles get their collaborative groove on with Complete Spiral EP [News Article]

Cooly G won't be playing you, that'd be lame; debut album Playin Me set for July release on Hyperdub [News Article]

The Books prep box set the size of multiple Dostoevsky novels; Nick Zammuto documents the duo's history with new blog [News Article]

SoundCloud quietly floats past 15 million users; preparation underway for Next SoundCloud redesign [News Article]

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and Philip Cohran to promote uncontrollable butt-shaking with collaborative album via Honest Jon's [News Article]