NGUZUNGUZU weaponize bass this summer with Warm Pulse EP on Hippos in Tanks [News Article]

RIAA seeks $75 trillion in LimeWire copyright case, as if their plot for world domination was ever in question [News Article]

Mark Fell and DJ Sprinkles get their collaborative groove on with Complete Spiral EP [News Article]

Cooly G won't be playing you, that'd be lame; debut album Playin Me set for July release on Hyperdub [News Article]

The Books prep box set the size of multiple Dostoevsky novels; Nick Zammuto documents the duo's history with new blog [News Article]

SoundCloud quietly floats past 15 million users; preparation underway for Next SoundCloud redesign [News Article]

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and Philip Cohran to promote uncontrollable butt-shaking with collaborative album via Honest Jon's [News Article]

Beastie Boys sued for copyright infringement; and the winner for most unfortunately timed lawsuit goes to... [News Article]

James Chance and the Contortions to release new album Incorrigible! possibly by the time you've read this, but shhh! [News Article]

Keith Fullerton Whitman opens up with Occlusions LP, due out in June on Editions Mego [News Article]

Explosions in the Sky announce last leg of US tour, their first leg paralyzed from too many crescendos [News Article]

PLVS VLTRA (Enon's Toko Yasuda) to release uncomfortably catchy Parthenon LP on Spectrum Spools [News Article]

Blues Control announce tour, turn loose "Iron Pigs" in support of Drag City debut Valley Tangents [News Article]

Demdike Stare's Miles Whittaker revives his Suum Cuique persona with Ascetic Ideals, continued creepiness [News Article]

Rustie announces North American tour, with surprisingly zero stops at the Fortress of Solitude [News Article]

Seattle's Substrata 1.2: Tim Hecker, Daniel Menche, Lawrence English, Loscil, and more highlight what your ears have been ignoring [News Article]

Cam'ron releasing a track a day for 30 days, because he has many new topics to insightfully rap about [News Article]

Megaupload lawyer accused by US government of conflict of interest; defendants respond, "Yeah, well your mom has a conflict of interest." [News Article]

N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton likely to be directed by Friday's F. Gary Gray; alright, where's my commemorative 40 oz? [News Article]

Sony CEO announces restructuring alongside 10,000 job cuts — none of which, unfortunately, include Chris Brown [News Article]