Bill Orcutt & Jacob Felix Heule hook up for an aural pillage, announce Colonial Donuts on Palilalia [News Article]

Paul Thomas Anderson's documentary on Jonny Greenwood, Junun, premieres next month [News Article]

Former Coil member Thighpaulsandra announces The Golden Communion on Editions Mego [News Article]

ZARŠ Records release compilation of Slovenian electronic music [News Article]

Kero Kero Bonito announce first North American tour, deliver new track "Chicken" to our ear plates [News Article]

Mind Over Mirrors announces LP version of The Voice Calling ft. Haley Fohr (Circuit des Yeux) [News Article]

Golden Void announce glistening nugget of a new album, Berkana, on Thrill Jockey [News Article]

Sean McCann releases A Castle Popping LP on Recital [News Article]

Autre Ne Veut announces new album The Age of Transparency [News Article]

Wolf Eyes unveil new Bandcamp page featuring a bevy of rare releases to gnaw on and salivate at [News Article]

The complete works of Harmonia to be released in a brand neu vinyl box set [News Article]

Yamantaka Eye (of Boredoms) joins noise-rock duo Gagakirise to satisfy our unspoken collaborative desires [News Article]

Dialect soundtracks our industrial dystopia with upcoming release on 1080p [News Article]

NNA Tapes announces new cassettes from Olivia Block and Patrick Higgins [News Article]

Steve Hauschildt succumbs to the Sandman's strict orders, announces new album Where All Is Fled [News Article]

Battles announce La Di Da Di, a new album that's sure to make you ba bi bay bo [News Article]

Planet Mu announces µ20, a 20th anniversary box set of astronomical proportions [News Article]

Natural Snow Buildings astound with surprising concision, announce new album Terror's Horns [News Article]

Arc Light Editions reissues rare LP from Finnish/fertile experimental musician Pekka Airaksinen [News Article]

Thundercat goes it alone in his search for actual giants, announces headlining tour [News Article]