Google+ embraces its inner audiophile, launches "Studio Mode" feature for live performances online [News Article]

Prince Rama try to win over the Mayans with upcoming album Top Ten Hits of the End of the World [News Article]

Samsung launches Music Hub in the US, but only for people with a very specific $200 phone [News Article]

Josephine Foster to leave you positively red in the face with new album Blood Rushing, out on Fire Records next month [News Article]

Fennesz, all by his lonesome, to release 12-inch on Editions Mego; full-length album due out next year [News Article]

Pinback exclaim, "We're pin-BACK!" with announcement of first studio album in five years [News Article]

Isis announce Temporal, a requisite collection of retrospective rarities, remixes, and videos [News Article]

µTorrent begins free content monetization thing, helping artists, but (probably) bothering its users [News Article]

Martin Eden a.k.a. Matthew Cooper a.k.a. Eluvium premieres new single "Worker" after temporarily confusing people [News Article]

Software (Lopatin/Ford's label) announces two new, sufficiently electronic releases to cap off the summer [News Article]

Bikini Kill launch Bikini Kill Records featuring music from Bikini Kill [News Article]

Sun Araw to release The Inner Treaty on September 18, exploiting UN loophole [News Article]

Thrill Jockey announces 20th Anniversary shows, and Tortoise aren't playing at any of them!? Just kidding, they totally are. [News Article]

Dead Oceans launches subscription service, because you ain't cool unless you launch a subscription service [News Article]

Dreamcolour release The History of Dreaming in Colour, and it's extremely purdy [News Article]

Warp reissues Flying Lotus albums, just in case you've been hibernating for the past four years [News Article]

Soul Jazz highlight British composers for TV, film, and library music with gargantuan release [News Article]

Run-D.M.C. to reunite at Fun Fun Fun Fest; Adidas stock rises exponentially [News Article]

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah members clap their hands and say "no" [News Article]

The Psychic Paramount announce US dates, despite neighbor complaints [News Article]