Underworld release A Collection and 1992 - 2012 Anthology; in other words: almost every-thing, every-thing, every-thing [News Article]

The Minimal Wave Tapes: Volume Two to receive February release via Stones Throw, alongside free copies of Sartre's Being and Nothingness [News Article]

Venetian Snares to perform quality assurance on your cochleas with Fool the Detector [News Article]

Grouper to showcase Violet Replacement across Europe, offering unbridled sedation for the price of a concert ticket [News Article]

Mount Eerie and Earth celebrate their geographical proximity by touring as far away from the Pacific Northwest as possible (but together) [News Article]

Thrill Jockey to reissue Tortoise's entire full-length catalog (sans one), to be played in only the coolest of elevators [News Article]

Sandwell District closes, boards up, becomes abandoned, and gets replaced by squatters [News Article]

Sales of vinyl records increase for the sixth straight year; popularity of lensless glasses possibly related [News Article]

The Caretaker to release new album/soundtrack Patience (After Sebald); astronomical destruction put on hold [News Article]

Joyful Noise announces flextacular 2012 series of flexi disc recordings, featuring Deerhoof, Tortoise, and of Montreal, among others [News Article]

Charles Mingus's grandson urgently crowd funds for documentary; only a few days left! [News Article]

Zola Jesus to seduce the darkness in our souls once again, announces 2012 tour [News Article]

Sir Richard Bishop to release three new CD-Rs, his guitar apparently still hemorrhaging [News Article]

Godspeed You! Black Emperor announce limited 2012 tour; additional dates dependent on whether or not they feel like it [News Article]

Ticketmaster forced to acknowledge their own malevolence, issue refunds to customers for questionable processing fees [News Article]

Hanson announce plans to sell their own beer, MMMhop; tentatively consider starting their own police force, MMMcop [News Article]

Jóhann Jóhannsson to bring contemporary classical/unpronounceable words to NYC, Winnipeg, and Los Angeles [News Article]

Broadcast to release new album using previously recorded Trish Keenan vocals; also, maybe not [News Article]

Thee Silver Mt. Zion to tour North America; still haven't considered the timeless advice of Bobby McFerrin [News Article]

Google Music launches, looks to overcome any consequence of being late to the party [News Article]