Nate Young and Drainolith announce joint tour; reconsider your sanity, live and in person! [News Article]

Eeliks:en (a 7-year-old) to release debut album on Fonal, requests that all royalties be paid in the form of fish sticks [News Article]

RIAA vs. a woman from Minnesota: guess who was ordered to pay $222,000 [News Article]

The Weeknd signs to Universal sublabel, announces Trilogy, and quickly gets back to singing the clothes off of people [News Article]

Addison Groove announces new label, Lost in Translation, starring Bill Murray [News Article]

This week in confirming stereotypes: documentary claims that the music industry deliberately lowered the quality of vinyl records during the 80s [News Article]

iTAL tEK realizes his foot(work) fetish with new album Nebula Dance on Planet Mu [News Article]

Aphex Twin, Björk, J Dilla, and Kanye West among those set to receive an ego boost via 33 ⅓ book series [News Article]

M. Geddes Gengras favors the bleep over the dub this time with new solo LP Test Leads [News Article]

Martin Eden a.k.a. Matthew Cooper a.k.a. Eluvium announces debut full-length; please don't tell me you're still confused [News Article]

Oneohtrix Point Never and Rene Hell releasing split LP on steroids via NNA Tapes [News Article]

Vanessa Rossetto releases Exotic Exit on Graham Lambkin's Kye [News Article]

BPI admits "mistake" in "accidentally" requesting removal of negative Drake review from Google; I mean, they could be telling the truth... [News Article]

Silversun Pickups issue cease and desist letter to Romney campaign; Romeny issues cease and desist letter to Obama campaign [News Article]

Editions Mego ventures into the danceable world of hard trance with new LP by Lorenzo Senni [News Article]

Google+ embraces its inner audiophile, launches "Studio Mode" feature for live performances online [News Article]

Prince Rama try to win over the Mayans with upcoming album Top Ten Hits of the End of the World [News Article]

Samsung launches Music Hub in the US, but only for people with a very specific $200 phone [News Article]

Josephine Foster to leave you positively red in the face with new album Blood Rushing, out on Fire Records next month [News Article]

Fennesz, all by his lonesome, to release 12-inch on Editions Mego; full-length album due out next year [News Article]


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