Afterhours persuade healthy transitions to a nocturnal lifestyle on upcoming <cite>Lowlife</cite> LP via Not Not Fun [News Article]

Hobo Cubes to capture and encase your MIND, readies <cite>Apex Ideals</cite> LP on Debacle Records [News Article]

Shackleton announces three-track 12-inch <cite>Freezing Opening Thawing</cite>, a rhythmic tale of one man and his grocery store chicken breast [News Article]

Mastodon aim to assault a different orifice, unveil "palate-crushing" IPA [News Article]

Orphan Fairytale spelunks the rabbit hole, emerges with double LP <cite>My Favorite Fairytale</cite> [News Article]

Grimes signs to Jay Z's Roc Nation, plays a revelatory game of shadow puppets [News Article]

sunn O))) to release new 12-inch <em>LA REH 012</em>, in case the engines of holiday travel just weren't the same [News Article]

Experimedia, major online experimental music shop, closing down after 2014 [News Article]

PAN preps end-of-year releases from Jar Moff and NHK'Koyxen, rubs it in your face [News Article]

PIXIES® announce holiday layoffs, cut 25% of staff [News Article]

Winamp to be shuttered next month after 15 years of occasional llama abuse [News Article]

Thee Oh Sees ready <em>Singles Collection Volume 3</em>, ask that you please not obsess over their gravity-defying funeral capabilities [News Article]

Thee Silver Mt. Zion consider the mass production of luminous condiments, announce new LP <i>Fuck Off We Get Free We Pour Light On Everything</i> [News Article]

Nurse with Wound releases new LP <em>Chromanatron</em>, a dedication to Sand with assuredly no geological basis [News Article]

Sacred Bones celebrates 100 releases with ritualistic milk-drinking, announce the release of lost LP from The Hunt [News Article]

DJ Rashad, now the only cyborg footwork/juke musician, returns to the road following car crash-related hip injury [News Article]

Hubble (Ben Greenberg of The Men) holds his own against alluring nebulae, releases <em>Hubble Eagle</em> LP [News Article]

The Books' videos released on DVD. But I really wanted to watch that church procession from 1989 on Blu-ray! [News Article]

Secret Boyfriend's had enough of being locked away in the cellar, preps <em>This Is Always Where You've Lived</em> LP on Blackest Ever Black [News Article]

Dum Dum Girls announce new full-length <em>Too True</em>, a self-described really awesome game of laser tag with pop music [News Article]