Music industry declares with creepy enthusiasm: Friday will now be the official release day for the world [News Article]

Lawrence English swoops down on his decorated hang glider to reissue The Peregrine on Room40 [News Article]

Alva Noto still can't get that damn printer to work, tries again with Xerrox Vol. 3 [News Article]

Colleen gets low with new LP Captain of None on Thrill Jockey; US shows announced [News Article]

Blanck Mass announces Dumb Flesh on Sacred Bones for your Dainty Ears [News Article]

Sasquatch! Music Festival 2015 lineup announced, featuring possible Mars rover appearance [News Article]

Oren Ambarchi and PAN release Live Knots, featuring the bonus "pops" of audience member heads [News Article]

Lightning Bolt announce tour promoting their Empire; new track makes imperialism seem not so bad [News Article]

Tairiq & Garfield make their conjoined debut with Childhood Swing on Software [News Article]

Rabit announces your upcoming Baptizm, out on Tri Angle whether you like it or not [News Article]

Jlin announces debut LP Dark Energy on Planet Mu, so if you like both footwork and Albert Einstein... [News Article]

Better late and in good quality: remastered edition of Ata Kak's Obaa Sima to receive global release [News Article]

Benoît Pioulard (silently) sings a Sonnet with newly announced LP on Kranky [News Article]

Ilyas Ahmed removes the shroud, reveals disturbingly clear new LP [News Article]

Biosphere and Deathprod split LP announced on Touch, said to be perfect for crane operators [News Article]

Marie Davidson's new LP is Un Autre Voyage all up in her neural pathways [News Article]

Kreng announces new LP The Summoner, a relatively sample-free endeavor [News Article]

Etix founder Travis Janovich buys Hopscotch Music Festival [News Article]

M.E.S.H. (or whoever) usurps Robert Frost with announcement of new EP on Black Ocean [News Article]

Mumdance and Logos emerge from an electronic crevasse, announce Proto LP [News Article]