Bill Orcutt releases 13x7-inch limited edition box set of <em>A History of Every One</em> sessions; you'll never guess how many songs there are! [News Article]

YouTube reminds us that they're still planning a music subscription service; pretty please, won't you pay attention? [News Article]

Gatekeeper allow a couple padlocks to sub in for a few hours so they can announce new EP <em>Young Chronos</em> [News Article]

Oval considers a timeshare in South America, releases new album <em>Voa</em> [News Article]

Compound Eye (Coil's Drew McDowall and Psychic Ills' Tres Warren) intend to confuse the hell out of travel agents, release 2xLP <em>Journey from Anywhere</em> [News Article]

NGUZUNGUZU announce <em>Skycell</em> EP, travel around Europe in their ISUZUISUZU [News Article]

Faint Wild Light debuts on Digitalis; cuddling revealed as just another of James Ginzburg's many talents [News Article]

Autechre announce <em>L-event</em> EP, because downtime is an outdated concept [News Article]

Noveller announces dreamy new full-length <em>No Dreams</em>, out next week on Important Records [News Article]

Nils Frahm announces <em>Spaces</em>, a not-exactly-live live album [News Article]

Mexican Summer to host two-day festival in honor of five years, still young enough to appreciate that "infernal racket" [News Article]

Kelela drops debut mixtape <em>CUT 4 ME</em>, featuring Kingdom, Jam City, NGUZUNGUZU, and more dog-piling the production duties [News Article]

Migrations in Rust announces <em>Two Shadows</em> LP for NNA Tapes, whilst dreaming of a cushy life in the Andromeda galaxy [News Article]

Far-Out Fangtooth announce new album <em>Borrowed Time</em>, still won't return the black lights you lent them [News Article]

The Velvet Underground (or whomever) announce 45th anniversary edition of <em>White Light/White Heat</em>, now with more superness! [News Article]

Sales of vinyl records through Amazon have increased 745% since 2008; mathematicians assure us percentages can go that high [News Article]

Domino Recording Company runs for charities, asks for donations, persuades you with potential goodies [News Article]

Blanche Blanche Blanche announce schizophrenic new LP <em>Breaking Mirrors</em>, their first to be recorded in a studio! [News Article]

Odd Nosdam announces the digital release of <em>T R I S H</em>, a musical tribute to Broadcast's Trish Keenan [News Article]

Huerco S., Legowelt, Leyland Kirby, and more contribute to LGBT Rights For Russia Now! compilation [News Article]