Primavera Sound 2014: Slowdive, Neutral Milk Hotel, Julia Holter, Wolf Eyes, and over 100 more scheduled to be thrown off by late suppers [News Article]

Mac DeMarco hastens the midlife crises of elder music fans, announces Salad Days LP on Captured Tracks, upcoming tour [News Article]

Slowdive officially reunite; London and Barcelona to receive initial auditory drowning [News Article]

White Suns make a habit of crushing your soul (in a good way), announce Totem LP [News Article]

Koen Holtkamp specifies his favorite aspect of physics class, announces new full-length Motion + Connected Works compilation [News Article]

patten (a.k.a. [redacted]) blends like a liquefied tray of donuts, announces upcoming LP ESTOILE NAIANT on Warp [News Article]

MF DOOM's Operation: Doomsday to receive 2xCS release, the downgraded definitive edition [News Article]

Damaged Bug (John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees) affirms the delicious, chewy flavor of upcoming LP Hubba Bubba [News Article]

Afterhours persuade healthy transitions to a nocturnal lifestyle on upcoming Lowlife LP via Not Not Fun [News Article]

Hobo Cubes to capture and encase your MIND, readies Apex Ideals LP on Debacle Records [News Article]

Shackleton announces three-track 12-inch Freezing Opening Thawing, a rhythmic tale of one man and his grocery store chicken breast [News Article]

Mastodon aim to assault a different orifice, unveil "palate-crushing" IPA [News Article]

Orphan Fairytale spelunks the rabbit hole, emerges with double LP My Favorite Fairytale [News Article]

Grimes signs to Jay Z's Roc Nation, plays a revelatory game of shadow puppets [News Article]

sunn O))) to release new 12-inch LA REH 012, in case the engines of holiday travel just weren't the same [News Article]

Experimedia, major online experimental music shop, closing down after 2014 [News Article]

PAN preps end-of-year releases from Jar Moff and NHK'Koyxen, rubs it in your face [News Article]

PIXIES® announce holiday layoffs, cut 25% of staff [News Article]

Winamp to be shuttered next month after 15 years of occasional llama abuse [News Article]

Thee Oh Sees ready Singles Collection Volume 3, ask that you please not obsess over their gravity-defying funeral capabilities [News Article]