Laurel Halo declared innocuous to the public, announces new EP on Hyperdub, European live dates [News Article]

Slava to release debut LP <em>Raw Solutions</em> on Software, fans slavavating in anticipation [News Article]

Google looks to launch music streaming service, say various sources and unimpressive fortune tellers [News Article]

Saltland (new project of ex-Silver Mt. Zion's Rebecca Foon) to release debut LP on Constellation; us (all of us) looking forward [News Article]

Four Tet celebrates circular objects, the 10th anniversary of <em>Rounds</em> with a reissue on Domino [News Article]

Deerhoof announce classical music performances in NYC and Adelaide; Satomi swanks up her animal heads in preparation [News Article]

Ducktails announces tour in support of <em>The Flower Lane</em>, makes use of the carpool lane [News Article]

Wolf Eyes lose an eye (Mike Connelly), pop a spare back in (Jim Baljo), announce new album <i>No Answer</i> [News Article]

Boris add individual dates to residency tour, consider purchasing American flag sweatpants [News Article]

Björk cancels Kickstarter campaign for Windows and Android <em>Biophilia</em> apps; iPhone users gloat with poorly composed remixes [News Article]

Eluvium announces new two-disc album <em>Nightmare Ending</em>; Freddy Krueger strongly objects [News Article]

Björk, Belle & Sebastian, and R. Kelly headlining 2013 Pitchfork Music Festival; very weird dinner party now in the realm of possibility [News Article]

Atom™ readies <em>HD</em> on Raster-Noton, and no, you won't need a Monster cable to listen to it [News Article]

Amoeba Music evolves, digitizes, and offers rare vinyl for download on its overhauled website [News Article]

OM and Sir Richard Bishop to embark on predestined February tour of spiritual refinement [News Article]

Black Pus (Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt) set to ooze new album <em>All My Relations</em> out of Thrill Jockey's orifice [News Article]

The Postal Service to reunite for Coachella, announce <em>Give Up</em> 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition, delayed packages [News Article]

Jeff Mangum adds West Coast dates, or, in Mangum-speak, opts to traverse the tan lizard-system of previous pennyweighters [News Article]

William Basinski and Richard Chartier hold hands and wait for the sun to rise on their next release, <em>Aurora Liminalis</em> [News Article]

Four Tet releases <em>0181</em>, an album of previously unreleased material, now released, because Four Tet's released it [News Article]


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