Heterotic (Planet Mu founder Mike Paradinas and Lara Rix-Martin) prep debut album <em>Love & Devotion</em>... aww [News Article]

Vimeo feels the pressure of being second; record labels double down on copyright claims [News Article]

Amazon unveils AutoRip feature for CD purchases; CDs are all, "Yo, bro, thanks for the shout-out." [News Article]

Album sales for 2012 show a moderate decline; industry execs petition to change the word "moderate" to mean "apocalyptically severe" [News Article]

Autechre give you something to be exaited about, announce new double album <i>Exai</i> on Warp [News Article]

Extremely popular record labels not so extremely popular; YouTube removes billions of fake views from their videos [News Article]

Devendra Banhart perks up his fluttery voice, announces new full-length album <em>Mala</em> [News Article]

Ducktails unveils new track with guests abound, announces <em>The Flower Lane</em> release party, European tour [News Article]

FaltyDL summons the <em>Hardcourage</em>, due out in January on Ninja Tune [News Article]

ahnnu proclaims "ahnnu whatchu want," begins West Coast tour [News Article]

Arve Henriksen and Rune Grammofon announce <em>Solidification</em>, a 7LP set appropriately packed (solid) with new and old material [News Article]

Police in Finland raid the home of 9-year-old girl, confiscate Winnie the Pooh laptop due to alleged file-sharing [News Article]

Stars of the Lid awake from their conjoined slumber, announce <em>The Ballasted Orchestra</em> reissue, UK live dates [News Article]

Madlib to score Stones Throw Records documentary, assuming the documentary actually happens, and assuming you <i>make</i> it happen! [News Article]

Kompakt continues its annual electronic lullaby, announces <em>Pop Ambient 2013</em> [News Article]

Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland start their own imprint, look to Warner Music Group for inspiration [News Article]

Colin Stetson and Mats Gustafsson provide saxual healing through <em>Stones</em> release via Rune Gramophone [News Article]

Pandora, pockets full of lint, sues ASCAP over higher licensing fees [News Article]

Boris and eight other Japanese bands prep My Bloody Valentine tribute album <em>Yellow Loveless</em> (wait, that's racist!) [News Article]

Drexciya compiled for the third time (out of four) on <em>Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller III</em> [News Article]


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