NGUZUNGUZU [Chocolate Grinder]

Susan Balmar [Chocolate Grinder]

James Ferraro [Chocolate Grinder]

Gobby [Chocolate Grinder]

Chief Keef [Chocolate Grinder]

E+E [Chocolate Grinder]

Robert Beatty (Three Legged Race, Hair Police) to release Soundtracks for Takeshi Murata on Jason Lescalleet's Glistening Examples [News Article]

Diamond Black Hearted Boy [Chocolate Grinder]

Chocolate Grinder Mix 92 [Chocolate Grinder]

Lil B [Chocolate Grinder]

Four Tet [Chocolate Grinder]

Magik Markers [Chocolate Grinder]

DJ Rashad & Heavee D [Chocolate Grinder]

Traxman and DJ Earl to perform live from Chicago this Monday at e-venue SPF420 [News Article]

Jim O'Rourke releases Old News No. 9, the first to feature ALL NEW material [News Article]

Oneohtrix Point Never [Chocolate Grinder]

Laurel Halo [Chocolate Grinder]

Dil Withers / bessedof [Chocolate Grinder]

Danny Brown [Chocolate Grinder]

Nine Inch Nails [Chocolate Grinder]


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