The Joan of Arc Lightbox Orchestra Conducted by Fred Lonberg-Holm [Chocolate Grinder]

Fred Lonberg-Holm conducts The Joan of Arc Lightbox Orchestra, live album released, world saved [News Article]

Kaboom Karavan [Chocolate Grinder]

Lotus Eaters [Chocolate Grinder]

Lotus Eaters, feat. Stephen O'Malley, Aaron Turner, & James Plotkin, get vinyl treatment (and stain barrier for added protection) [News Article]

WhoMadeWho [Chocolate Grinder]

Windows 7 x64 MS Paint EXE Interpereted as PCM Data [Chocolate Grinder]

DOOM working with Thom Yorke on possible full-length album, says he's "cool" [News Article]

Xander Duell [Chocolate Grinder]

Orchestre Poly-Rythmo [Chocolate Grinder]

Burial, Four Tet, Thom Yorke [Chocolate Grinder]

Disco Doom [Chocolate Grinder]

Jorma & Movie Bare [Chocolate Grinder]

Ford & Lopatin [Chocolate Grinder]

Juv [Chocolate Grinder]

Ian Curtis' Memorial Stone [TMT Comics]

Therapies Son [Chocolate Grinder]

TV on the Radio [Chocolate Grinder]

Chris Forsyth to release Paranoid Cat on Family Vineyard before commuting between the surface & the underworld [News Article]

Chris Forsyth [Chocolate Grinder]


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