Sony Corp Officially Acquires Bertelsmann's Stake in Sony BMG; Sony's Brand-Extension Department Hos [News Article]

DOOM to Release Long-Awaited Follow-Up, Born Into This, October 21 on Lex Records [News Article]

102 Fans Arrested After Rage Against the Machine Show in Minneapolis [News Article]

Mount Eerie Adds 61-Date Tour to Single Date in Idaho, Considers Combining Single Date and Tour into [News Article]

Fascism at Its Finest: Rage Against the Machine Performance Blocked by State Police in St. Paul; RAT [News Article]

The Music Tapes - Music Tapes for Clouds and Tornadoes [Music Review]

I Was Partially Right: Max Tundra Readies Parallax Error Beheads You in Preparation for Hot C [News Article]

The Music Tapes' Julian Koster to Release Singing Saw Christmas Album [News Article]

Kurt Weisman Set to Tour on Bikes with Horaflora, Is Great [News Article]

Max Tundra Tours with Hot Chip, And Boy Do I Love Max Tundra (In Unrelated News, Broken Social Scene [News Article]

Deerhoof Reveal U.S. Tour in Support of New Album, Offend Maggie [News Article]

Black Dice Schedule Fall Dates, New Album in 2009 [News Article]

Chris Schlarb to Perform Twilight and Ghost Stories in Its Entirety in San Francisco and Aust [News Article]

Vision Creation New Shoes: Boredoms (ボアダムス) Team with NIKE (NYSE: [News Article]

Foot Village - Friendship Nation [Music Review]

Capitol/EMI Taps into Vinyl Hype Cautiously and Half-Heartedly [News Article]

Memorial Stone of Joy Division Frontman Ian Curtis Stolen [News Article]

Eazy, Breezy, Beautiful: Whartscape 2008 Lineup Finalized [News Article]

Recording Industry Calls Broadcasting Industry "A Form of Piracy"; Royalty Bill On Its Way to full J [News Article]

Arthur Magazine: "We have no more money." -- Fans: "We do!" [News Article]


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