Melt-Banana to Release New Album, CO2s [News Article]

Björk Adds North American Dates to Tour [News Article]

Rhymesayers Entertainment Joins Warner Music Group's ADA [News Article]

Exclusive: Create Your Own Burning Star Core News Story! [News Article]

Somewhere Between Repellent, Hilarious and Just Plain Ridiculously Stupid: Cock E.S.P on Tour [News Article]

Random Tiny Mix Tapes Quiz [News Article]

McDonald's Adds Shellac's New LP and Euro Tour to Dollar Menu [News Article]

Warner Fakes Right, Darts Left, Lobs it Up... REJECTED! [News Article]

Smoke on the Water: Sony BMG Gets PROBED [News Article]

eyebuR riahlluP tuobA riA raelC ,htraE tespU ,nwoD gnittiS tsafkaerB taE nekkerB arirK dna [News Article]

Indies Call Emergency Meeting to Discuss Impala's Support of Warner Music Group's Potential EMI Take [News Article]

Mount Eerie in the news everybody! Mount Eerie in the news! [News Article]

Indie Group IMPALA Supports a Potential EMI Acquisition by Warner Music Group [News Article]

Lightning Bolt: Head Nothing, Heart Everything [News Article]

EMI's Capitol Music Group Continues Restructuring/Layoffs [News Article]

Throbbing Gristle to Release First Album in over 25 Years [News Article]

RIAA Faces Major Setbacks Because It Is Ridiculous [News Article]

Gang Gang Dance to Finally Release DVD/CD Project Because God's Son (Nas) Told Them To [News Article]

The Fate of Sony BMG Merger to be Decided by March 1 [News Article]

Just When I Thought William Elliott Whitmore Wasn't Going on Tour, William Elliott Whitmore Announce [News Article]


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