Oren Ambarchi - In The Pendulum's Embrace [Music Review]

Joe Lally (Fugazi bassist) and Capillary Action Tour Van Broken Into [News Article]

Mount Eerie Cancels Remainder of Tour [News Article]

Radiohead Release Date and First Single Confirmed. Oh My God, No Way. [News Article]

Universal Risks Losing $84 Million If Nas Is Allowed to Release Nigger LP [News Article]

Charlie Nothing, The Ding of Rock ‘n' Roll, Passes Away [News Article]

The Pirate Bay Attempt To Resurrect OiNK and Call It BOiNK (Seriously) [News Article]

Extra Golden Detained by Police for "Not Carrying Enough Money" [News Article]

Xiu Xiu Release Details of New LP; How Can I get a Real Hot WF to Fart On My Face? [News Article]

Underworld Cancels Remainder of European Tour [News Article]

Flaming Lips Add FIFTH Disc to Zaireeka, 10th Anniversary Celebration!! [News Article]

Speak Squeak Creak: Melt-Banana Tour 13,000 Miles at Light Velocity [News Article]

Radiohead - In Rainbows [Music Review]

YAY: Kim Deal "Doesn't Need a New Pixies Record" [News Article]

Arty Breasts Dogging J-Tang: Ghostface Killah to Release Solo Album on Same Day as Wu-Tang's New LP [News Article]

RIAA Looks Deeply Into A Music Fan's Eyes, Winks, Half-Smiles, and Then Charges Her $220,000 For Sha [News Article]

Radiohead Close to Signing with Side One Recordings/ATO -- So Would They Be Considered an "Indie" Ba [News Article]

Sony BMG Merger Approved for the Second Time; "Take that, whiny bitches," says Sony BMG rep Chris Wo [News Article]

THIS JUST IN: Wayne Coyne Is the Grand Marshal for a Halloween Parade in OKC! [News Article]

Britney Spears Loses Children; I Think It's Only Fair, Because She Made Me Lose My Lunch [News Article]


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