Oneothrix Point Never / A. G. Cook [Chocolate Grinder]

Frank Ocean [Chocolate Grinder]

Hannah Diamond [Chocolate Grinder]

DJ Castro [Chocolate Grinder]

Andrew Pekler [Chocolate Grinder]

SOPHIE [Chocolate Grinder]

Chief Keef [Chocolate Grinder]

Panda Bear unexpectedly drops new EP, confirms release date for Meets the Grim Reaper [News Article]

Lil Data [Chocolate Grinder]

GAHM [Chocolate Grinder]

Lil B The BasedGod [Chocolate Grinder]

E+E [Chocolate Grinder]

Felicita [Chocolate Grinder]

Danny L Harle [Chocolate Grinder]

Teja [Chocolate Grinder]

MikeWiLLMakonnen [Chocolate Grinder]

DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn's Teklife crew releases 20-track comp on Hyperdub [News Article]

Arca is the sole producer on Björk's new album [News Article]

Arca [Chocolate Grinder]

18+ announce debut album Trust for Houndstooth, suck your lap dry [News Article]


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