12z [Chocolate Grinder]

PC Music affiliate Maxo unveils the Chordslayer EP, replete with G#min7add11, Ebmin7/Db, and Amaj9/C chords [News Article]

PC Music & SOPHIE to debut "mass media network" called Pop Cube at Red Bull Music Academy NY [News Article]

Jim O'Rourke's new album Simple Songs confirmed by Drag City, due May 19 [News Article]

RIP: Barron Machat, founder of Hippos in Tanks [News Article]

Tyler, The Creator to drop new album Cherry Bomb on Monday [News Article]

Panda Bear [Chocolate Grinder]

Jim O'Rourke rumored to be releasing a new album called Simple Songs on Drag City [News Article]

Sicko Mobb [Chocolate Grinder]

iLoveMakonnen [Chocolate Grinder]

SHAPE brings Lorenzo Senni, Gábor Lázár, and more to new Dresden festival, ICAS [News Article]

QT [Chocolate Grinder]

Gucci Mane [Chocolate Grinder]

Animal Collective's Avey Tare and Geologist drop New Psycho Actives Vol.1 split [News Article]

Gucci Mane drops three albums, collaborates with iLoveMakonnen and Chief Keef, still follows us on Twitter [News Article]

Father [Chocolate Grinder]

Chief Keef & Andy Milonakis [Chocolate Grinder]

iLoveMakonnen to drop new mixtape on March 31, announces dates with Key! and Sonny Digital [News Article]

Kendrick Lamar graciously allows us to spend money on his new album a week early [News Article]

PC Music [Chocolate Grinder]