Sunk Heaven [Chocolate Grinder]

Jim Magas (Bulb Records, Lake of Dracula) starts new label Midwich, reveals solo EP as MAGAS [News Article]

Toupée [Chocolate Grinder]

Drainolith [Chocolate Grinder]

Matchess [Chocolate Grinder]

Paw Paw [Chocolate Grinder]

Moon Pool and Dead Band [Chocolate Grinder]

Gel Set [Chocolate Grinder]

Some Pepper [Chocolate Grinder]

Charlemagne Palestine [Chocolate Grinder]

Strategy [Chocolate Grinder]

Chemtrails [Chocolate Grinder]

Wume [Chocolate Grinder]

Alex Menzies [Chocolate Grinder]

Electric Sound Bath [Chocolate Grinder]

BOAN [Chocolate Grinder]

Marie Davidson [Chocolate Grinder]

Dugout Canoe [Chocolate Grinder]

Pulse Emitter [Chocolate Grinder]

Kill Alters [Chocolate Grinder]


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