Eric Copeland announces new LP <cite>Logo My Ego</cite>, temporarily reassuring dance-noise fans that Brooklyn still exists [News Article]

Slowdive go on world-wide tour, are super-excited to use MapQuest! [News Article]

<cite>Filter</cite> to cease "publication," whatever <em>that</em> is! [News Article]

Jason Lescalleet announces July tour dates, records himself announcing July tour dates, manipulates it to stunning effect [News Article]

Julian Casablancas + The Voidz to release debut album <cite>Tyranny</cite> in an insidious attempt to use up all the world's letter z's! [News Article]

EMA adds some US dates and September gigs with Spoon, but still no more letters to her damn name [News Article]

Radiohead('s drummer, Phil Selway) to excite everyone who reads too fast with the release of new (solo) album called <cite>Weatherhouse</cite>! [News Article]

Kill Rock Stars to release album of Kurt Braunohler and Kristen Schaal's <cite>Hot Tub</cite> comedy (not to be confused with <cite>Hot Tub Time Machine</cite> comedy) [News Article]

The Verve Pipe are back with a new album! For real! They took broody press photos and everything! [News Article]

Herbert to release new EP <cite>Part 6</cite> to the great ethical outrage of all those for whom "six" sounds a little too much like "sex" [News Article]

Castanets announces new album, <cite>Decimation Blues</cite>, to take the piss out of overconfident assholes everywhere [News Article]

Modest Mouse announce summer tour dates to make sure we don't forget they exist [News Article]

Bear in Heaven announce new album <cite>Time Is Over One Day Old</cite>, blow Ted Theodore Logan's mind with that title [News Article]

Blonde Redhead announce new album <cite>Barragán</cite>, make all the cool kids say "Bangarang!" [News Article]

The New Pornographers announce new album <cite>Brill Bruisers</cite> for August, commit to more Google Hangouts together in the future [News Article]

Adult Swim announces this summer's line-up of hot, sexy, nude, digital singles, including Fatima Al-Qadiri, Tim Hecker, Future, RP Boo, and more! [News Article]

Cymbals Eat Guitars announce new LP <cite>LOSE</cite> in glorious all-caps to make sure you all see it [News Article]

Sun Ra albums by the intergalactic ship-load get remastered, and iTunes is the place! [News Article]

Brian Eno and Karl Hyde to release new collab LP <cite>High Life</cite>, toast their accomplishment with shitty American beer [News Article]

!!! (chk chk chk) announce summer tour dates! I am <em>THIS</em> EXCITED: !!! [News Article]