Cat Power postpones European tour [News Article]

Animal Collective announce NYC make-up shows, remind us about "Applesauce" 10-inch [News Article]

Radiohead "On A Friday" cassettes currently on eBay for $50,000. For a bit of perspective, $50,000 is the equivalent of 50,000 individual US dollars! [News Article]

Death Grips post Epic Records infringement letter on Facebook, get their asses FIRED for it, Future-Marty McFly-style [News Article]

EMI and Universal announce layoffs. I don't know about you guys, but I'm starting to suspect that the music industry is maybe in a little trouble. [News Article]

Local Natives to release new album and tour in January, to the guffaws of Mayans everywhere [News Article]

John Cale, contemporary adult, announces West Coast tourdates with Cass McCombs in support of adult contemporary music [News Article]

Morrissey postpones US tourdates (Fans are hereby <i>not</i> advised to try to cheer up listening to Morrissey) [News Article]

Califone reissue <i>Sometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People</i> on vinyl (darn, I was hoping they'd release it on Spotify) [News Article]

Superdrag's <i>Regretfully Yours</i> gets vinyl reissue. Now your former angsty-teen self and your current hipster-with-money self can <i>both</i> be happy! [News Article]

Stephen Malkmus to play Can's <em>Ege Bamyasi</em> front-to-back at German fest (Big deal, Steve; I play that record front-to-back in my car all the time) [News Article]

Future of the Left announce fall US tour, and Jack Black is probably all like "hells yeah, broseph" [News Article]

Pussy Riot's appeal successfully frees one member, making it seem just a little more confusing as to why the other two are still in jail [News Article]

Mike Love says he definitely did not fire anyone named Brian Milson from The Beach Boys, so, case closed [News Article]

Death Grips cancel their already-released new album so they can go on world tour [News Article]

Sufjan Stevens unveils new Christmas box set, symbolically casting aside Jesus in favor of materialism [News Article]

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett working on an album of jazz duets! Nutty, cuckoo, super jazz duets! [News Article]

Artist-friendly Myspace II coming soon to make you re-think the way Google Plus made you re-imagine Facebook as a Myspace reboot! [News Article]

Brian Eno announces new solo album LUX. I hope nothing on it SUX. [News Article]


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