Albert Hammond, Jr. to release new EP on Julian Casablancas' label (I'd cry nepotism if The Strokes all didn't seem to hate one another so much!) [News Article]

Giant Sand's Howe Gelb to release adorably-titled Little Sand Box set this December for when it's too cold to actually play in one [News Article]

Eminem announces new LP at MTV VMAs; TMT readers hear about it this way [News Article]

Yuck puke up new album details, vomit new single, then totally start licking both! [News Article]

Tim Heidecker & Davin Wood announce new album, prompting swift and taut media reports such as this one [News Article]

Crystal Antlers announce new LP Nothing Is Real, release very real trailer for it [News Article]

Big Boi to appear on Celebrity Big Brother, but who cares, what's André up to?!?!? [News Article]

Lee Ranaldo announces new album Last Night on Earth with new band The Dust [News Article]

M.I.A. album Matangi release date finally announced... unless that's a publicity stunt too? [News Article]

Colin Meloy announces his first solo tour in five years, admits to past use of performance-enhancing thesauruses [News Article]

Matthew Herbert to rework Terry Riley's "In C" live this October! (Hint: I think he might play it in D!) [News Article]

Animal Collective continue to innovate, inventing the concept of the music video and make-up tour dates [News Article]

of Montreal announce fall tour without the use of any tour-announcing robots! [News Article]

Neutral Milk Hotel announce schlong-sized winter tour! (I don't know how big that is for you, but it's HUGE for me!) [News Article]

Jon Hopkins has some tour dates and a Purity Ring remix that he personally asked me to tell you about, because, well, we hang out together all the time [News Article]

Björk announces release of Android for Biophilia! ... Oops, I mean: Biophilia for Android [News Article]

of Montreal announce new album, lousy with sylvianbriar, recorded without computers; promptly use an ass-ton of computers to get the word out [News Article]

Deltron 3030 excite me by announcing new album Event II, freak me out a little by calling it a rap opera [News Article]

RJD2 announces new album, More Is Than Isn't, hopes you're more excited than not [News Article]

Harold Budd to release limited edition live LP this September, just in time to lull you lovingly into a beautiful winter coma [News Article]