Cloud Nothings to release new album Here and Nowhere Else, share new single on the internet (and nowhere else) [News Article]

Teengirl Fantasy announce some tour dates and a free download. Doesn't seem all that sexy, does it? [News Article]

Mogwai make some whisky instead of some music for a change! [News Article]

Vivian Girls officially break up, plot last two shows [News Article]

The Knife manage a few scattered dates around North America, shaking their habitual disgust for being around other people [News Article]

Evian Christ announces new EP Waterfall and London launch party details, invites you to come to his house to watch the Winter Olympics in the meantime [News Article]

New streaming service Beats Music to launch next week, forever causing a fundamental change in the way music industry paradigm shifts are altered [News Article]

Carla Bozulich (Evangelista) preps new album under her Christian name, I guess because she's just more REAL than you [News Article]

Kanye West extends "Yeezus" tour, though fair warning, Yeezus is still kinda hung over from "Chrystmaz" [News Article]

Kevin Drumm dramatically re-invents "the cassette" as you know it by releasing a new cassette on Editions Mego! [News Article]

Bruce Springsteen announces new album High Hopes, then dashes a few of those hopes by featuring Tom Morello on eight tracks [News Article]

James Blake cancels previously postponed tour dates... or maybe postpones previously-canceled ones; whichever one is more subversive and cool [News Article]

Mark McGuire announces new album, The Way Out, making me ashamed to admit that I just wondered what Sammy Sosa is up to :( [News Article]

Liars swear to return with new album in March; unless they're, you know, not being truthful? [News Article]

Terry Riley’s In C remastered from original 1968 tapes, also restored to its original length of "still-going-on" [News Article]

Kickstarter created for Daniel Johnston-starring film Hi, How Are You: A Short Film, so yeah, go kickstart it already [News Article]

OPN is touring in 2014. OPN is short for Oneohtrix Point Never. But if you knew that second thing, how come you didn't know the first one? What kind of fan are you?!? [News Article]

Google Glass adds "listen to music" to its list of stuff it can do, so now you don't have to look like an asshole wearing one of those hideous iPods in public [News Article]

Kanye announces updated Yeezus tour schedule. Kanye WEST, that is! Sorry, you probably didn't know who I was talking about at first. [News Article]

Actress unveils new 3xLP Ghettoville, box set with remastered debut, a fest he plans on playing, and maybe nothing-else-ever! [News Article]