Neil Young & Crazy Horse shake off all the live rust and announce tourdates [News Article]

Dan Deacon announces new album on Domino, hopefully featuring Francis Ford Coppola on lead vocals [News Article]

Ween break up, possibly because of a premonition Gene Ween had last night that his band wouldn't still be really popular in November. [News Article]

The Shins add fall tourdates after a premonition Mercer had last night that his band would still be really popular in September. [News Article]

Yeasayer announce new album; text your punchlines to this headline to TMT-ZINE-5-24! [News Article]

Library of Congress rips 25 new entries to the National Recording Registry... but at what BIT-RATE?!? [News Article]

Björk turns New York Public Library and Manhattan Children's Museum into giant blobs of educationalism even tho we're all plenty smart as is [News Article]

Aesop Rock to tour North America this summer like it's his freakin' JOB. Oh wait... [News Article]

MA DOOM (Masta Ace and DOOM) LP finally endowed by its creators with an inalienable release date, and lo, a weary world rejoiceth [News Article]

Beastie Boys' Licensed to Ill returns to Billboard's Top 20, simultaneously making a bunch of dudes my age feel really happy and really old [News Article]

Jason Lescalleet is going on mini-tour in support of his own mini-notoriety [News Article]

Built to Spill, being, literally speaking, built to spill things, have, figuratively speaking, "spilled" a few things, including news about more tourdates and a new album [News Article]

Oren Ambarchi teams with Fire! for new Rune Grammofon double LP to appease the father of hypno-psych-jazz, by which I mean Oren's dad. [News Article]

Beach House announce more tourdates, waterfront property values don't even budge [News Article]

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (not to be confused with 'Bony' Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid) announces reissues, new EP [News Article]

Passion Pit passionately announce new album from the bottom of a bottomless pit of passion fruit pits, if they have those [News Article]

Modest Mouse yawn out the announcement of a trifling handful of June dates because, whatever, they're Modest Mouse and you're nobody [News Article]

Animal Collective launch Transverse Temporal Gyrus interactive site to help raise awareness of the word "gyrus" [News Article]

Blur to deluxe-reissue every record ever made by anyone ever, start with their own catalog for simplicity's sake [News Article]


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