Yoko Ono announces new Plastic Ono Band album, Take Me to the Land of Hell; already has a record distributor down there, so that's good. [News Article]

Dent May announces new album Warm Blanket to help keep us all nice and toasty this summer [News Article]

The Flaming Lips to hopefully not perform anything called The Terror at Oklahoma tornado relief benefit... also add a few more dates [News Article]

Oneohtrix Point Never announces new album R Plus 7, effectively silencing all bullshit conversations about Yeezus [News Article]

Franz Ferdinand announce funky-fresh tour of funky-smelling North America [News Article]

Goldfrapp announces new album, Tales of Us; and for some reason, I write a full-on, turgid-as-balls news piece about it instead of just retweeting it [News Article]

Okkervil River unleash the floodgates, but all that comes out is some new LP called The Silver Gymnasium and some tour dates; weird! [News Article]

Modest Mouse cancel UK tour to focus on recording, because though they have iPads, you can't do both of those things at once [News Article]

Smashing Pumpkins reissue the already-gigantic Aeroplane Flies High box set with 90 more bonus tracks, just to kill mother earth a little deader [News Article]

Swans announce the crap out of a new Swans album, while you just sit there and take it like the little bitch that Michael Gira knows you are [News Article]

Blues Control have a new video and are serious enough about this whole music-as-a-career thing to tour Europe in support of it [News Article]

Boards of Canada hosted a Tomorrow's Harvest listening party in the California Desert and all I got were these lousy fan footage streams! [News Article]

Julia Holter announces new LP Loud City Song, shares video for first track, really hopes you'll pay for the rest of them [News Article]

Pharmakon tours with Swans, offers new track "Ache" for streaming. Is it "super poppy"? Click to find out! [News Article]

Ty Segall announces new LP, Sleeper, which is hopefully no indication of how exciting it will be! [News Article]

Drag City to release Andy Kaufman comedy record this summer! Bang, zoom, man on the moon! [News Article]

Superchunk boldly announce new LP I Hate Music and tour dates, almost like how a younger band would! [News Article]

Toro Y Moi is playing a bunch of shows this summer and fall in support of Pop Music being a thing! [News Article]