The Wrens sign "recording contract," still no word on the "record releasing contract" though! [News Article]

David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti-produced Julee Cruise album Floating into the Night to get reissued on vinyl next week. LET'S ROCK? [News Article]

Aphex Twin decides to pollute the shallow end of the web this time, dumps 30 more unreleased tracks on us [News Article]

MOURN to release debut album in February 2015 on Captured Tracks, just in time for Marty McFLy's kid son to spin the vinyl at the Cafe 80's [News Article]

Lubomyr Melnyk reveals new EP Evertina, totally also knows how to play "Brainstew" on guitar [News Article]

SoundCloud snags Warner Music Group's support for planned subscription service, or maybe just Wayne Coyne's? [News Article]

Roxy Music break up after finally realizing Eno left the band in 1973 [News Article]

Alex Zhang Hungtai retires Dirty Beaches alias, possibly after increasing pressures from Greenpeace [News Article]

Evian Christ to sell 500 pairs of underwear with his name on them, because what would Jesus do? [News Article]

Ben Frost announces V A R I A N T remix EP, seems hellbent on breaking all of our space bars [News Article]

John Carpenter to release album of "lost themes"! Your move again, David Lynch! [News Article]

Wu-Tang Clan sign with Warner Bros. for release of new album, A Better Tomorrow, RZA runs for congress under similar slogan [News Article]

Spotify comes to Canada! Neil Young's hair gets a little bit grayer [News Article]

The Velvet Underground announce six-disc, 45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition of their self-titled third album [News Article]

Black Francis announces October dates in support of his breakfast addiction to dodo egg omelets [News Article]

A Sunny Day in Glasgow announce sunny December tour dates and sunny new music video in warm soothing tones [News Article]

Apple to maybe shut down Beats Music... or maybe not... but probably? It's really up to Bono. [News Article]

The Dismemberment Plan to reissue Change, an album about changing [News Article]

Excepter announce new album Familiar, as well as the fact that you're old as SHIT, Brooklyn psych-noise fan! [News Article]