Editions Mego starts Recollection GRM sub-label to reissue classic musique concrète, not realizing that musique concrète can be heard for free in the subway [News Article]

Neil Young to release Americana with Crazy Horse this June. Neil Young probably to release something with a crazy horse sometime after that. [News Article]

Zappa Plays Zappa on tour this summer! Vendedores de zapatos, lock up your zapaterias! [News Article]

MF DOOM reissues Operation: Doomsday for a second time. Guess he still didn't notice the giant "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" banner. [News Article]

"Southern Lord reissues Sleep's Dopesmoker." Now, who wants to go to the blackboard to diagram that sentence? [News Article]

Alan Lomax Archive uploads and streams 17,000 field recordings (your move, Bradford Cox) [News Article]

Black Dice announce tour, share new song on SoundCloud, earn 28% less than white dice [News Article]

Pitchfork Festival 2012 initial line-up announced. I give it a 7.7 (which really means 5) [News Article]

Sleigh Bells announce US tour without Santa Claus [News Article]

Destroyer announces North American tourdates while mellow sax provides counterpoint [News Article]

Squarepusher roundly pushes all squares out of his way to squarely focus on the release of new, square-pushing album of newness [News Article]

Billy Bragg and Wilco to release Mermaid Avenue Volume III (possibly containing all of Guthrie's secret pro-fascism songs?) [News Article]

Fiona Apple announces 2012 tourdates. She's the one who plays the harp, right? [News Article]

The Beach Boys announce tourdates for their 50th anniversary celebration, issue sexual performance apologies in advance to their groupies [News Article]

Jason Lytle reveals new solo album details in his cute Neil Young voice [News Article]

Cymbals Eat Guitars are touring with Cursive. This headline has no joke. [News Article]

Sony bums people out by allegedly price-gouging Whitney Houston's greatest hits album after her death, which sucks to hear because Sony was my hero [News Article]

Paul McCartney yanks his solo albums from Spotify. Oh NO! They were all SOOO GOOOOOD!!! [News Article]

The Beach Boys are reuniting on the Grammys this Sunday. NOW will you watch? [News Article]


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