Oren Ambarchi teams with Fire! for new Rune Grammofon double LP to appease the father of hypno-psych-jazz, by which I mean Oren's dad. [News Article]

Beach House announce more tourdates, waterfront property values don't even budge [News Article]

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (not to be confused with 'Bony' Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid) announces reissues, new EP [News Article]

Passion Pit passionately announce new album from the bottom of a bottomless pit of passion fruit pits, if they have those [News Article]

Modest Mouse yawn out the announcement of a trifling handful of June dates because, whatever, they're Modest Mouse and you're nobody [News Article]

Animal Collective launch Transverse Temporal Gyrus interactive site to help raise awareness of the word "gyrus" [News Article]

Blur to deluxe-reissue every record ever made by anyone ever, start with their own catalog for simplicity's sake [News Article]

Santigold is releasing a new album, announcing a US tour, and then retiring forever or until the tour starts [News Article]

Kraftwerk claim new album is coming "soon," which is a German unit of time corresponding to the length of exactly one Ring Cycle. [News Article]

RIAA, NMPA, DiMA, and TMT agree on new digital music rates, pizza toppings [News Article]

Silver Jews to release Early Times this June (which either means they're putting out some early tracks or some seriously smooth Kentucky Whiskey) [News Article]

Andrew W.K. announces 10th anniversary reissue of I Get Wet to a whole new generation of unimpressed Sleigh Bells fans [News Article]

LCD Soundsystem film to hit select theaters this summer (but I heard it's a total rip-off cuz there's not even any new songs in it) [News Article]

Bon Iver to tour a few more US cities so that he can use their names as song titles later [News Article]

The Tallest Man on Earth announces new album, admits to using stilts in press photos [News Article]

Sled Island Fest announces initial 2012 lineup: Feist, The Hold Steady, Andrew W.K., Archers of Loaf, and that's probably not all! [News Article]

Editions Mego starts Recollection GRM sub-label to reissue classic musique concrète, not realizing that musique concrète can be heard for free in the subway [News Article]

Neil Young to release Americana with Crazy Horse this June. Neil Young probably to release something with a crazy horse sometime after that. [News Article]

Zappa Plays Zappa on tour this summer! Vendedores de zapatos, lock up your zapaterias! [News Article]