Radiohead expand King of Limbs vinyl remix series to 6... or maybe 7... or maybe a CD [News Article]

Blondie to tour this fall to promote new album (but really to re-promote "Heart of Glass") [News Article]

George Harrison documentary to premiere on HBO this fall, finally shed light on what the fuck he was thinking when he wrote "Blue Jay Way" [News Article]

Colin Stetson to release new 10-inch in October, is rumored to have played saxophone on it [News Article]

Portishead are all "Cheerio luv, we're touring North America for the first time in 11 years" and shit, but I guess that's cool with me [News Article]

Steve Reich readies new album WTC 9/11, takes off hat to reveal second hat underneath [News Article]

Justin Timberlake now part-owner of Myspace! Bring it on down to Bad Investmentville? [News Article]

Wilco to release The Whole Love and show off their bad clothes on tour this fall [News Article]

Disappears to make almost two dozen appearances this summer in various cities throughout the US [News Article]

Cymbals Eat Guitars announce fall tour in support of Lenses Alien, probably won't be earning themselves any cymbal endorsement deals anytime soon [News Article]

Nirvana's Nevermind gets 20th anniversary deluxe reissue, is still spelled incorrectly. [News Article]

Jeff Mangum announces five new North American shows! They take place in the 1940s, but who cares! [News Article]

Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks announce fall tour; Bob Nastanovich announces day job [News Article]

SoundCloud receives investment from Ashton Kutcher, and I'm dying to make a Punk'd joke about it [News Article]

Sun Ra 30-CD box set coming soon! Need somewhere to store them? Space is the place. [News Article]

Cass McCombs to tour North America this July, playing shows and identifying its infrastructure problems [News Article]

Indie label FatCat announces newer, even-more-indie label Palmist; splits with Lotus Plaza, U.S. Girls, and Slim Twig planned [News Article]

TV on the Radio add a bunch of dates so they can stay competitive with HDTV on the Internet [News Article]

The Tallest Man on Earth reissues debut EP, refers to the rest of humankind as "annoying insects" [News Article]

Apple signs iCloud deal with Universal and the major publishers, possibly by offering them Alice Cooper tickets in Milwaukee [News Article]