Craig Finn announces release date of new solo LP, dispels rumors of his "secret illiteracy" [News Article]

SoundCloud launches beta version of HTML5 Widget! Hey! What is that!? [News Article]

My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields starts his own record label (unfortunately, it's not called Loud As Balls Records like I'd hoped) [News Article]

The Flaming Lips unveil website to stream their 24-hour Halloween song (Note to self: take off work on November 1) [News Article]

Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood collaborate with DOOM on compilation; Tom York and Johnny Greenwoode likely jealous [News Article]

Decemberists' Jenny Conlee's breast cancer in remission [News Article]

Dirty Projectors almost done with new album (but not in that lame way that you're almost done with yours) [News Article]

Smashing Pumpkins reissue Gish and Siamese Dream, hope to get their proper dues now that that Cobain guy is out of the picture [News Article]

The Sea and Cake to dumb it all down for you on tour this fall [News Article]

Sleep ∞ Over to tour Europe with Pure X and put everyone there to sleep until recession is over [News Article]

Death Cab for Cutie get really "out there" and test their fans' limits with remix EP featuring Cut Copy [News Article]

The Roots announce new album Undun, appearance(s) on Jimmy Fallon [News Article]

RCA Records closes its Jive, Arista, and J Records subsidiaries. Next week's headline? "RCA Records closes." [News Article]

Soundcloud suffers server attack; users to Soundcloud: "WTF!?" Soundcloud to users: "we know, srry!" [News Article]

The Decemberists to temporarily fill your deep and painful R.E.M. void with new EP [News Article]

Would you rather Bill Callahan tour Europe some more or cover Limp Bizkit's "Break Stuff"? [News Article]

Avey Tare announces tourdates in support of Down There! Sure, that album came out like a year ago... but let's all FREAK OUT anyway! [News Article]

"Weird Al" Yankovic announces Comedy Central live concert special and DVD. HAHAHAHAHA. I love it when things get parodied! [News Article]

Facebook announces real-time music discovery feature, only no one can find it 'cause now the feed's all janky [News Article]


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