Tapes 'n Tapes to release new album Outside in January; dude, their MySpace is BLOWING UP! [News Article]

Sons, lock up your dads: Wilco to start work on new album this month! [News Article]

Help pay off Steve Albini's studio mortgage! [News Article]

Weezer reveal Pinkerton reissue details, even though most of us are too annoyed with Rivers to even finish reading this headline [News Article]

Animal Collective design sneakers (meh...), offer cassette featuring previously unreleased music with preorders (yaaaaaaaay!!!!) [News Article]

David Bowie Rare and Unseen DVD coming this fall (surprisingly, "rare and unseen" does not mean explicit) [News Article]

Take THAT, Space Coyote! Flaming Lips to release limited-edition photo book series [News Article]

Andrew Bird releases instrumental album, leading thousands to wonder if whistling is considered "instrumental" or "vocal" [News Article]

Minus the Bear is a band who some people like and some people don't and who is touring this fall and that's about it, okay? [News Article]

Maserati announce new single, new album, and tourdates. ALSO: look under your chairs; everyone reading this story today is getting a FREE MASERATI!!!! [News Article]

TMT news story #0078-PSY-523-F: in which we learn via Twitter that The Flaming Lips have recorded a song for forthcoming Guided by Voices comp [News Article]

M83's Morgan Kibby unveils White Sea, asks M83 not to pee in it [News Article]

Ghosts and graffiti and mutants, oh my! Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti and Os Mutantes terrorize US cities together this fall [News Article]

Dismemberment Plan reunite! All their shitty post D-plan projects are instantly forgiven! [News Article]

Iron and Wine announce Kiss Each Other Clean in a soft, feathery, doe-eyed, beard-wispy, heather-grey voice [News Article]

Sony verbally pees on Steve Jobs' rug by announcing plans for a cloud-based music service [News Article]

The War on Drugs to release new LP in and tour October, nicely filling that blurry, folky drone pop void we've all been noticing this year. [News Article]

Bear in Heaven announce fall tourdates at the US's tiniest clubs, because they'll probably be down to a duo by then [News Article]

No, but seriously, folks: Liars announce new EP, Proud Evolution [News Article]

Los Campesinos! schedule fall tour even though like 900 other bands already had that idea [News Article]


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