Forest Swords unveils new video and adds some US dates with How to Dress Well (sorta insinuating that you really need a sword in order to look truly well-dressed) [News Article]

Amen Dunes announces new album <cite>Love</cite>! It's getting released in the spring, when love is all everywhere! [News Article]

Fatima Al Qadiri announces debut full-length on Hyperdub, invites you to "like" any pages devoted to guns and explosions on Facebook [News Article]

Radiohead release an app called PolyFauna, I write it up ASAP [News Article]

Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks take a stab at a debut album, <cite>Enter the Slasher House</cite>, kill it on first single, mutilate fans on spring tour! [News Article]

Jon Porras of Barn Owl to release new LP <cite>Light Divide</cite> this March on Thrill Jockey; meanwhile, I don't even know what I'm doing for dinner later [News Article]

White Hills dish on tour dates, expanded-edition <cite>So You Are</cite>, favorite Super Bowl ads [News Article]

Pharmakon announces some highly sensual, experiential, exponential, and experimental US dates with Helm, Godflesh, Cut Hands (and a few totally normal-ish Japanese shows) [News Article]

Neil Young announces new album <cite>A Letter Home</cite>; fans can't wait to hear it in glorious, convenient MP3 format [News Article]

Cloud Nothings to release new album <cite>Here and Nowhere Else</cite>, share new single on the internet (and nowhere else) [News Article]

Teengirl Fantasy announce some tour dates and a free download. Doesn't seem all that sexy, does it? [News Article]

Mogwai make some whisky instead of some music for a change! [News Article]

Vivian Girls officially break up, plot last two shows [News Article]

The Knife manage a few scattered dates around North America, shaking their habitual disgust for being around other people [News Article]

Evian Christ announces new EP <cite>Waterfall</cite> and London launch party details, invites you to come to his house to watch the Winter Olympics in the meantime [News Article]

New streaming service Beats Music to launch next week, forever causing a fundamental change in the way music industry paradigm shifts are altered [News Article]

Carla Bozulich (Evangelista) preps new album under her Christian name, I guess because she's just more REAL than you [News Article]

Kanye West extends "Yeezus" tour, though fair warning, Yeezus is still kinda hung over from "Chrystmaz" [News Article]

Kevin Drumm dramatically re-invents "the cassette" as you know it by releasing a new cassette on Editions Mego! [News Article]