All Pigs Must Die ink deal with Southern Lord... in fucking BLOOOOOD, yeah! Woo! Right?! Naw! [News Article]

Daedelus claims his new album Bespoke was tailor-made for Y-O-U, so the least you can do is hear the poor guy out, right? [News Article]

Maserati tour the US while they can still get away with this whole 70s retro-future A.O.R. thing [News Article]

Captain Ahab tour, pursuant to white whale jokes [News Article]

John Vanderslice expresses his love of art and commerce with a North American tour [News Article]

Bonnaroo 2011: Were The Strokes and Arcade Fire ever good? [News Article]

Jonny Greenwood to score Tilda Swinton film, and you know it's going to be good because I said "score" and not "soundtrack" followed by "film" and not "movie" [News Article]

Flaming Lips are tourin', playin' some fests, releasin' vinyl box sets; you know, just the usual shit [News Article]

Cursive are getting the fuck out of the arctic Midwest for a few weeks... I mean, "touring later this month" [News Article]

tUnE-yArDs announce a new album, some tourdates, and the happy news that they've finally fixed that caps lock key [News Article]

Fleet Foxes tour in cumbersome diesel bus [News Article]

Yoink! Citigroup plucks EMI from Guy Hands' buttery fingers [News Article]

Gold Panda will tour anywhere in the world as long as there's bamboo to chew on. [News Article]

Ducktails wants you to help fund his new 12-Inch. And once he releases it, you can pay for it again like a sucker! [News Article]

The Strokes announce tracklist for Angles and RELEASE IT FREE ONLINE TODAY! Oh, wait. No, just the first thing. [News Article]

Cold Cave tour with The Kills; jeez, that doesn't sound depressing AT ALL [News Article]

Hunky pretty boys Kurt Vile and J Mascis to tour together [News Article]

Archers of Loaf reunite for a few minutes, no big whoop [News Article]

Supergrass singer Gaz Coombes is halfway done with his solo debut (or halfway undone, depending on how you look at it) [News Article]

Bibio announces "groin-tastically trip-tronic" new album. Related: TMT attributes false quotes to Bibio. [News Article]


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