Bear In Heaven to release Beast Rest Forth Mouth double album, win me a Pulitzer? [News Article]

The Walkmen to release new album... on cassette only! Just kidding. That wouldn't be practical, would it? [News Article]

El Guincho to release limited edition EPs (is anyone else starting to suspect that he and Panda Bear are the same person?) [News Article]

The Books tour North America (no room for Ulysses and Moby Dick in the van, though) [News Article]

Menomena to tour the US in support of their recent Stanley Cup Victory, or something else. [News Article]

Ariel Pink to guest on new Avalanches record? Welcome to paradise-dise-dise-dise...! [News Article]

Interpol franchise their name in order to pay for new bassist, drop new LP update [News Article]

Superchunk reveal Majesty Shredding details, then make their kids' lunches, then announce Fallon TV appearance, then weed their vegetable gardens! [News Article]

Pixies time-travel us all back to 1990 so that they can launch a website and announce more Doolittle dates [News Article]

Middle-aged men in Grinderman announce new album and European tour, finally talk openly with their doctors about their erectile dysfunction [News Article]

Superchunk announce fall tourdates! Supernice!!! [News Article]

Achtung! Bono discharged from Munich hospital following surgery; U2 North American dates postponed [News Article]

Joanna Newsom accidentally tours western US after missing that left turn at Albuquerque [News Article]

OMG! Gorillas to play UK arena tour!! Wait, what? It's just some band called Gorillaz? With a 'z'?? [News Article]

Paul McCartney blames EMI for Beatles iTunes delay; EMI blames Yoko Ono [News Article]

Kurt Cobain exhibit opens at Seattle Art Museum, much to the ire of the Estate of Layne Staley [News Article]

Surfer Blood play US dates in June, then time-travel to the past and write "Surfin' USA" at a High School dance [News Article]

Merger costs, lower ticket sales threaten Live Nation; residents of that nation might want to emigrate ASAP [News Article]

The Dead Weather announce summer tour (the weather should be fine, actually) [News Article]


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