Megafaun announces U.S. headlining tour, prepares new mini-album for release this summer, wants you to stop asking them if they can get you Bon Iver tickets [News Article]

Michael Jackson, former Simpsons voice actor, lands $250 million recording deal [News Article]

Die Antwoord sign to Interscope, Sacha Baron Cohen humor is reaffirmed as "still funny" [News Article]

Dan Deacon to release remix EP without asking us if that's okay [News Article]

Sunny Day Real Estate to record new album in May; get ready to dry your adolescent emo tears and start crying adult "sophisticated melodic rock" tears! [News Article]

The Besnard Lakes are the insanely long spring tour [News Article]

Flaming Lips making another movie, beg Justin Timberlake to star in it [News Article]

Phosphorescent unveils decidedly photoluminescent new LP [News Article]

Busdriver tour (probably in a van, sans bus driver) [News Article]

Nowadays The Black Keys gotta haul off and announce a new LP to let a man know they're there [News Article]

Guess whose tour we're covering? Charlie Daniels? Daniel Johns tour? Danielson tour?? [News Article]

Fol Chen to Tour with Liars, Phantom-Tour with Radiohead [News Article]

Tallest Man on Earth announces extensive US tour with the Loudest Voice on Earth [News Article]

Quasi Announce European Dates; Hope You're at Least Quasi-Interested [News Article]

Sonic Youth Drummer Forms New Band, The High Confessions; Generates Subsequent News Coverage that Causes People to Put on Sonic Youth Records [News Article]

Julian Casablancas to Keep Touring His Record as a Giant Middle Finger to All Strokes Fans [News Article]

Best New Band: Department of Justice Leaks Debut Album IP Task Force! ...Whoops, I Mean: US Department of Justice Announces IP Task Force [News Article]

Grandaddy and Earlimart Members Form New Band Admiral Radley; What a Stretch, Huh? [News Article]

The Flaming Lips' Steven Drozd to Teach Oklahoma College Class Tomorrow, Answer All of Students' Burning Questions About the Enigmatic "Double Guitar" [News Article]

Terra Firma Seeking $160 Million In Life Support for EMI; News Writer Seeking Asian Redhead (Must be Willing to be the Breadwinner) [News Article]


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