Tallest Man on Earth announces extensive US tour with the Loudest Voice on Earth [News Article]

Quasi Announce European Dates; Hope You're at Least Quasi-Interested [News Article]

Sonic Youth Drummer Forms New Band, The High Confessions; Generates Subsequent News Coverage that Causes People to Put on Sonic Youth Records [News Article]

Julian Casablancas to Keep Touring His Record as a Giant Middle Finger to All Strokes Fans [News Article]

Best New Band: Department of Justice Leaks Debut Album IP Task Force! ...Whoops, I Mean: US Department of Justice Announces IP Task Force [News Article]

Grandaddy and Earlimart Members Form New Band Admiral Radley; What a Stretch, Huh? [News Article]

The Flaming Lips' Steven Drozd to Teach Oklahoma College Class Tomorrow, Answer All of Students' Burning Questions About the Enigmatic "Double Guitar" [News Article]

Terra Firma Seeking $160 Million In Life Support for EMI; News Writer Seeking Asian Redhead (Must be Willing to be the Breadwinner) [News Article]

Dirty Projectors to Perform The Getty Address in Full. Yes, IN FULL. [News Article]

Magnetic Fields' to Release "Deluxe Box Set" Vinyl of 69 Love Songs, Which Is Astounding Because That Record Seemed Pretty Deluxe Already, Right? [News Article]

Brian Jonestown Massacre Defy New "Green" Legislation by Continuing Their Irresponsible and Non-Renewable Mining of the 1960s Touring in Support of Who Killed Sgt. Pepper? [News Article]

There Isn't Much That They Feel They Need, But Animal Collective Are Nominated For BRIT Awards Anyway [News Article]

Wilco is an Awesome Live band + Wilco Offer Concert Downloads for Haiti Relief = Get Out Your Headphones and Wallets [News Article]

Quasi to Release American Gong, Tour, Do Their Darndest to Maintain Post-Bush Relevancy [News Article]

Death Cab For Cutie More or Less Guarantee a New Record in 2010, Strategically Avoid Making Any Guarantees That It Won't Be Just Awful [News Article]

Spoon, The Shins' James Mercer, Yo La Tengo Cover Love Songs for Starbucks Valentine's Comp; Are You Listening, Rachael Ray's Husband? [News Article]

Black Lips Have 'Roided Up, Learned Some New Slurs, and Are Ready for Touring in 2010 [News Article]

Ex-Grandaddy Jason Lytle Gives Away Free Christmas Online Album, Reveals LP2 Details, Maintains His [News Article]

Postal Service Threatens Steve Albini Christmas Charity Drive (The U.S. Postal Service, That Is... I [News Article]

Animal Collective Film to Premiere at Sundance Film Festival! Get Your 10.0's Ready! [News Article]


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