TVT Records Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, TMT, On the Other Hand, is A-OK!!! :) [News Article]

Hold the Fone! Califone and Iron and Wine Take One More Step Toward Becoming One Giant Band By Touri [News Article]

Prompted By Michael Gira's "Use ‘em or Lose ‘em" Sick Day Policy Down at The Office, Akr [News Article]

New Pornographers Attempt to Ford Okkervil River, Supplies Get Wet, Dan Bejar Drowns [News Article]

NASA Sends The Beatles' "Across the Universe" Across the Galaxy, Leaves Actual Space Explorat [News Article]

Nick Cave Finally Gets Laid, Sews Bad Seeds All Over Europe [News Article]

Gibson Screws Contest Winner, And Not In The Typical Way With Its High, High Prices, But With Baffli [News Article]

Tapes 'n Tapes to Release LP 'n LP... Wait... Scratch That... Just One LP [News Article]

Coachella 2008 Lineup Magically Appears! Chris Angel "Mind Freak" Pleads Ignorance, Is Pissed He Tot [News Article]

Man Man Tour, No Girls Allowed [News Article]

The Breeders Tour UK This Spring, Aren't Pregnant [News Article]

Blitzen Trapper Tour North America, Inspire "Ballad of Blitzen Trapper" [News Article]

EXTRA! EXTRA! Nobodaddy Writes PANDA BEAR Story, Galvanized Public Voraciously Reads On Despite Ambi [News Article]

Geffen Announces Happy Round of Holiday Layoffs, Former Employees More Disgruntled Than Clark Griswa [News Article]

Rancid to Cash In on B-Sides Comp, TMT to Cash In on Yet Another Cheap Joke at A Band's Expense [News Article]

Columbia Records Lays Off MORE People; Columbia to TMT: "Don't Worry, Everything's Fine. I Wouldn't [News Article]

Breeders Blab About Mountain Battles, Kim Deal is "Kind of a Big Deal" [News Article]

The Futureheads Figure Out How to Get Laid, Tour UK Student Unions [News Article]

Gibson to Unleash SELF-TUNING Guitar Next Week, Guitar Hero-Trained Guitarists Rejoice [News Article]

Foo Fighters to Keep On Being All “In Our Faces” by Touring in 2008, Dave Grohl to Solid [News Article]


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