The Flaming Lips Hit All the Festivals This Summer; Hippies Hit Bongs at All Those Festivals [News Article]

Tour, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Tour!!! [News Article]

Wolf Parade to Tour, Fans to TMT: "Wait, Which Band Is That Again??" [News Article]

Radiohead Encourage Fans to Monitor Their Carbon Footprint; Band Members Admit to Getting Off On You [News Article]

The Byrds to Release Previously Unreleased Archive Recordings, Proving Once Again That There Really [News Article]

Fiery Furnaces Get to Tour While I Am Forced to Make a Living Reporting Their Tourdates, That's Demo [News Article]

Microsoft Zune to Release Joy Division Player, Apple iPod to Release Awesome Stuff All the Time [News Article]

The Hold Steady to Hold Steady on Plans of Global Domination, License Album to Rough Trade [News Article]

Akron/Family Love Pot, Hate Hitler, Tour [News Article]

Bollywood Film Producer to Pay 20 Million Rupees for Music-Copyright Infringement; Producer to Compo [News Article]

Pissed Jeans to Tour, Their Moms to Do Their Laundry [News Article]

Times New Viking Deported... Or Touring UK (Definitely One of The Two Though) [News Article]

This Is Not a Test: The Futureheads Are Back to Save the Universe... Oh Wait [News Article]

Death Cab Add More Tour Dates, Cutie Has Abortion [News Article]

ASCAP to Sue 29 Night Clubs, Night Clubs to Respond by Raising Drink Prices On Us [News Article]

Sony/ATV Sues Karaoke Companies for Copyright Infringement, But No One Sues Karaoke SINGERS for Bein [News Article]

Wilco to Tour, This Story to Write Itself [News Article]

Guinness World Record Set For Guitar Hero III; All of Your Friends "Bummed" And "Psyched" At [News Article]

Mudhoney Still Touring, Kurt Cobain Still Dead [News Article]

Blah Blah Blah, Juno, Blah Blah Blah, Kimya Dawson Tour, Blah Blah Blah, Ellen Page, Blah Bla [News Article]