No Animals to be Harmed In Girl Talk's Feed The Animals Tour [News Article]

Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan Hints at Gish Box Set, Gish Tour, Desire to Cash-In on [News Article]

...And the [Club] Owners Hate Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks With Their Agents and Their [Tour]dates... [News Article]

Special, Magical, Seminal, Chicago-based, Post-Rock Band Tortoise Tours... Slowly [News Article]

The Broken West Get Homesick, Release Sophomore LP This Fall [News Article]

Fuck Buttons Hit the Road with Mogwai, Vocal Mics Get Used for Cool, Spinny, Showboating Purposes On [News Article]

Icy Demons to Excorcise Themselves On U.S. Summer Tour, Regan MacNeil, Emily Rose Relieved [News Article]

MIA Pledges to Use $100K Payday to Build New Schools, Also Pledges to Use “Building of New Sch [News Article]

Mogwai Announce Tiny EP, Tiny UK Tour, Tiny Expectations for Fan Base Expansion [News Article]

The Pogues to Release New Box Set, My One Friend Who Likes The Pogues to Get Excited (Read: Drunk) [News Article]

Napster Goes DRM Free, Metallica Sucks [News Article]

Playoffs Update: Performance and Digital Royalties Trounce Mechanicals in Pivotal Series Win [News Article]

That Lucky Old Brian Wilson to Release Ambitious New Capitol Album; That Poor Old Paul McCartney Pre [News Article]

The Flaming Lips Hit All the Festivals This Summer; Hippies Hit Bongs at All Those Festivals [News Article]

Tour, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Tour!!! [News Article]

Wolf Parade to Tour, Fans to TMT: "Wait, Which Band Is That Again??" [News Article]

Radiohead Encourage Fans to Monitor Their Carbon Footprint; Band Members Admit to Getting Off On You [News Article]

The Byrds to Release Previously Unreleased Archive Recordings, Proving Once Again That There Really [News Article]

Fiery Furnaces Get to Tour While I Am Forced to Make a Living Reporting Their Tourdates, That's Demo [News Article]

Microsoft Zune to Release Joy Division Player, Apple iPod to Release Awesome Stuff All the Time [News Article]


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