Adult Swim announces this summer's line-up of hot, sexy, nude, digital singles, including Fatima Al-Qadiri, Tim Hecker, Future, RP Boo, and more! [News Article]

Cymbals Eat Guitars announce new LP LOSE in glorious all-caps to make sure you all see it [News Article]

Sun Ra albums by the intergalactic ship-load get remastered, and iTunes is the place! [News Article]

Brian Eno and Karl Hyde to release new collab LP High Life, toast their accomplishment with shitty American beer [News Article]

!!! (chk chk chk) announce summer tour dates! I am THIS EXCITED: !!! [News Article]

Jenny Lewis announces new album The Voyager and plans to voyage out for tour dates and banh mi! [News Article]

The Knife to release mini-album of "Shaking the Habitual-style reworks" of their own old songs, because they were way too fun and comfortable to listen to before! [News Article]

Pixies to hobble out on a small wooden pegleg of North American tour dates this fall [News Article]

Lily Allen announces tour in support of being British and not being on Game of Thrones [News Article]

Marissa Nadler announces epic-sounding world tour, because "world" = US and Europe! [News Article]

Andrew Bird announces summer tour and new album of cover songs (so he can have something to tour on!) [News Article]

Sonic Youth announce something!! Oh, wait; it's just plans to start archiving and reissuing their albums :'( [News Article]

Shabazz Palaces announce new album via laser dome, Lese Majesty out on Sub Pop in July [News Article]

Slayer ditch Rick Rubin and announce first album in five years; the pressure is on to out-title World Painted Blood! [News Article]

Mineral are reuniting for their first shows in 17 years, because 17 is the most emo number [News Article]

Beyoncé and Jay Z announce co-headlining tour this summer, parents make them promise "no hanky-panky" [News Article]

O’Death sign to Northern Spy for next release, plan tour, which is huge news if you happen to work for O'Death or Northern Spy! [News Article]

Downloading pirated music and films is no longer legal in the Netherlands... can recreational drug use be far behind?! [News Article]

Whoops! RIAA and MPAA members might have accidentally signed up for Megaupload accounts (but only to download porn, they swear!) [News Article]

Kelis announces tour dates, streams new album Food, reminds us to eat our fruits and veggies! [News Article]