Death Grips subvert conventional notions of fall tours by cancelling the shit out of theirs [News Article]

Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo wants to teach you how to play guitar (you're on your own for vocal lessons, though)! [News Article]

Ramones box set comprising their first six albums is coming this month to save punk rock for the fifth time! [News Article]

Matt Mondanile releases conceptual book-that-looks-like-an-LP by Title TK (Cory Arcangel, Alan Licht, Howie Chen) on New Images; your move, Beck Hansen! [News Article]

Brian Degraw from Gang Gang Dance announces new solo album as bEEdEEgEE, which I already hate typing out! [News Article]

Young Jeezy announces new album <em>The Statue of Limitations is Over With</em>, then quickly announces that that's not a typo. [News Article]

Sub Pop to reissue Soundgarden’s <em>Screaming Life / Fopp</em> EP; must be time for them to pay the cable bill! [News Article]

The Flaming Lips finally quit goofing around, release one EP inspired by a sci-fi movie and another EP of Tame Impala covers. Never mind, definitely still goofing around! [News Article]

Kurt Vile shares mixtape, announces new EP and expanded album, is starting to make "lazy" look bad! [News Article]

Raime heads across the pond for first US tour. with liver sausage sandwiches lovingly packed by their anxious moms [News Article]

Xiu Xiu to release entire album of Nina Simone covers, because nothing's uglier than beautiful jazz [News Article]

Deerhunter cancel European tour dates; all Europeans now being encouraged to kill their own deer [News Article]

Bill Callahan to perform <i>Dream River</i> live on a (presumably?) very real boat this Sunday! [News Article]

Actress is either heading out on a giant international arena tour or playing a small, classy handful of select dates this fall. Fans, please text in your votes now! [News Article]

Best Coast announces new mini-album, <em>Fade Away</em>, everyone who lives on the best coast celebrates by getting high [News Article]

Bill Orcutt announces 16 fall tour dates, possibly giving 16 lucky fans the opportunity to have Bill Orcutt spend the night at their house! [News Article]

Ducktails announces new EP <em>Wish Hotel</em>, shares new track, makes me think of race cars, lasers, airplanes... [News Article]

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib announce EP, new track, LP, tour dates, basically everything short of a civil union [News Article]

O'Snap! Jim O'Rourke starts a Bandcamp page to release eight unreleased/barely released albums! [News Article]

Sleigh Bells announce new album <em>Bitter Rivals</em>, share new title track, detail new tour dates; you know, all that new-album-cycle crap [News Article]


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