The Flaming Lips release Flaming Side of the Moon, a "companion album" to Dark Side of the Moon; 100% essential! [News Article]

Kanye West plots new tour dates in Europe, where the word "zeitgeist" was invented! [News Article]

Pixies announce sort-of-new double album Indie Cindy! Shut up, I love that title! [News Article]

Wendy Carlos' soundtrack to the original Tron gets reissued on vinyl, causing everyone to like Daft Punk a little bit less [News Article]

Slint announce US tour dates so they can reunite in every city individually! [News Article]

Beck announces tour dates, tour date announcement quickly goes double platinum [News Article]

Sleigh Bells announce US tour dates for April, just in time for this coincidental news story! [News Article]

White Lung attempt to out-punk this winter by signing to Domino and releasing a new 7-inch [News Article]

Guided by Voices announce cool new album inspired by shitty old Polar Vortex! [News Article]

Coldplay announce new album, news of which hopefully goads Radiohead back into the studio [News Article]

The Flaming Lips trim the fat from their 24-hour song "7 Skies H3" for single-LP Record Store Day release [News Article]

Ende Tymes Festival IV to feature such noisey, shrill, and disagreeable names as Kevin Drumm, Pedestrian Deposit, Phill Niblock, Pete Swanson, Hiroshi Hasegawa, and more [News Article]

copeland unveils full-length solo album Because I'm Worth It, to be self-released in May. Let's get emotional about this together, yeah?? [News Article]

Arcade Fire (not so adorable) are touring with Dan Deacon and Kid Koala (extremely adorable!) [News Article]

Forest Swords unveils new video and adds some US dates with How to Dress Well (sorta insinuating that you really need a sword in order to look truly well-dressed) [News Article]

Amen Dunes announces new album Love! It's getting released in the spring, when love is all everywhere! [News Article]

Fatima Al Qadiri announces debut full-length on Hyperdub, invites you to "like" any pages devoted to guns and explosions on Facebook [News Article]

Radiohead release an app called PolyFauna, I write it up ASAP [News Article]

Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks take a stab at a debut album, Enter the Slasher House, kill it on first single, mutilate fans on spring tour! [News Article]

Jon Porras of Barn Owl to release new LP Light Divide this March on Thrill Jockey; meanwhile, I don't even know what I'm doing for dinner later [News Article]


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