Guest Mix: M. Sage [Chocolate Grinder]

Tor Lundvall [Chocolate Grinder]

ilkae [Chocolate Grinder]

CVLT45 [Chocolate Grinder]

The OO-Ray [Chocolate Grinder]

Eola [Chocolate Grinder]

Eli Keszler & So Percussion [Chocolate Grinder]

Mikel R. Nieto [Chocolate Grinder]

Aloonaluna / Motion Sickness of Time Travel [Chocolate Grinder]

Mudwise [Chocolate Grinder]

ant'lrd [Chocolate Grinder]

Cool Cops [Chocolate Grinder]

Stephen Molyneux [Chocolate Grinder]

Flaamingos [Chocolate Grinder]

WARM THIGHS [Chocolate Grinder]

Bunbleman [Chocolate Grinder]

Ken Camden [Chocolate Grinder]

Parashi [Chocolate Grinder]

Oxykitten [Chocolate Grinder]

Jon Waltz [Chocolate Grinder]