David Bowie returns with new single, news of new album, wanderlust for Germany [News Article]

Burial to release new EP on Hyperdub to appease rabid pack of mean commenters [News Article]

Shugo Tokumaru preps new album for January via Polyvinyl! Shugo Tokumar-hooray! [News Article]

Austin Psych Fest shares 2013 lineup: Deerhoof, Deerhunter, Boris, Quintron, and others who are not Hugh Laurie [News Article]

Spotify worth $3 billion without actually making any money [News Article]

Matmos expecting! New album out in February on Thrill Jockey [News Article]

Biggest news of the day: My Bloody Valentine to release new album by year's end [News Article]

Dan Deacon to donate profits from his two NYC shows to Sandy Relief [News Article]

Pandora spooked as Apple looks to enter the digital radio market [News Article]

Boris announces tour, split 7-inch with Asobi Seksu [News Article]

Neil Michael Hagerty performing Royal Trux's Twin Infinitives in December (just don't tell Jennifer Herrema) [News Article]

Grooveshark to debut new site featuring hilarious "tip jar," laughable artist profiles, and more. Wait, they're serious? [News Article]

Brooklyn Ele*bleep*ctronic Mus*bloop*ic Festival annou*krrr*nces full line*eeee*up [News Article]

Opposite of bollocks! Kickstarter UK to launch this month [News Article]

Björk puts together album of already released remixes, calls it news [News Article]

Times New Viking to release new EP on Siltbreeze [News Article]

Red-band trailer for MegaUpload II, Megabox: The Unchaining now available! [News Article]

Smashing Pumpkins reissue Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness as expansive 5CD deluxe box, because it was far too succinct before [News Article]

US Congress to spin magic 'wheel of destiny' to determine the future of internet radio royalty schemes [News Article]

New term "Mega Labels" created as EU approves EMI/Universal merger [News Article]