The Pirate Bay attacked, not by Anonymous, but by anonymous former member of Anonymous (anonymously?) [News Article]

EMI drains the financial life out of MP3tunes like a bloodthirsty vampire [News Article]

Not even Adele's golden pipes could help Sony last year as parent company reports record $5.7 billion loss [News Article]

Grooveshark lets us know that Facebook made a "mistake" when it severed all ties with the site earlier this week [News Article]

Geoff Barrow announces... not a new Portishead record! Beak> to release sophomore album [News Article]

Death Grips to fans: FUCK YUH! Tour apparently canceled, new album to be released in the fall [News Article]

Keiji Haino, Oren Ambarchi, and Stephen O'Malley releasing album; this title shorter than any of the song titles on said album [News Article]

The Pirate Bay's European troubles continue as UK court orders the site's blockage [News Article]

Papa M tours Britain, joins a series of UK bands only to leave them moments later [News Article]

Death Grips extend their already extensive spring/summer tour [News Article]

Merge Records to hold benefit to oppose NC amendment defining the merging of two people; David Cross, Superchunk to perform [News Article]

Grrrnd Zero, DIY French venue, calls for support after eviction [News Article]

Erykah Badu puts her time management skills to the test with the announcement of not one but two albums before the end of 2012 [News Article]

Joel Ford takes to the sonic skies as Airbird, the newest chillwave superhero, announces upcoming debut EP [News Article]

Tender Trap ensnare listeners with new album about girls, tour with Magnetic Fields, who sing songs about boys who dress like girls [News Article]

Hole-y Mole-y! Original Hole lineup reunites at documentary after-party [News Article]

Gauntlet Hair tour, release live performance video to get you all frisky [News Article]

EMI officially breaks up with Grooveshark, Grooveshark tells its friends that it actually broke up with EMI, so there! [News Article]

Patti Smith announces Banga, the hottest new dance craze coming your way this June! [News Article]

A Sunny Day in Glasgow start Kickstarter campaign to record new album, meet goal, still willing to exchange all kinds of unique goods and services for additional donations [News Article]