Best Buy big-box stores to be burnt to the ground, Best Buy Mobile stores to rise from the ashes like a Hydra-Phoenix hybrid [News Article]

Today in misleading band name news: Choir of Young Believers to release Rhine Gold on Ghostly International [News Article]

Zola Jesus plans 427th collaboration of 2012 with JG Thirlwell, tours the Earth [News Article]

Peaking Lights announce new baby Lucifer and swaddle it in a mixtape; up for adoption June 18 [News Article]

Warhol Foundation peels away at Velvet Underground lawsuit, moves to get it dismissed [News Article]

The Pirate Bay accelerates its war against its detractors by turning to modern day techniques [News Article]

Viacom gets whiff of this rising trend called a "blog," starts one, fills it with beyond thrilling press releases [News Article]

Major labels get hard for at SXSW [News Article]

Portishead announce European tour dates without announcing any actual new Portishead music [News Article]

NGUZUNGUZU tour US, make you feel stupid for trying to pronounce their name; Salva joins, points and laughs [News Article]

Google smooshes a bunch of storefronts together to create Google Play, makes iPhone users yawn [News Article]

Audiogalaxy announces Mixes, may have found the sweet spot between exciting illegal file sharing and boring old Spotify [News Article]

Mount Carmel release Real Women on Siltbreeze; this is an album release story, not a headline about a hostage scenario [News Article]

Erykah Badu banned from performing in Malaysia over, of all things, a promotional photo [News Article]

John Peel's record collection soon to be made available online as virtual museum... those poor BBC interns [News Article]

Danish court orders ISP to block Grooveshark after "Barbie Girl" is streamed illegally one too many times [News Article]

Blackout Beach drops new instrumental album on Bandcamp! Fuck Fuck Death, this is that new ish! [News Article]

London's Resonance 104.4 FM holds fundraising auction through the weekend: here's your chance to get a portrait of actor Dudley Sutton!! [News Article]

Rosie Thomas releases With Love, tours, joins TMT community by admitting deep appreciation for Bette Midler [News Article]

Joy Division and New Order master tapes found among gold and guns by Jamie Oliver (who is holding them hostage until you change your disgusting eating habits) [News Article]