The coolest fucking musical instrument you've heard of this year comes from (you guessed it) Japan; more specifically, Ghost's Masaki Batoh [News Article]

CocoRosie want to play music to your silent movies, so draw on a mustache and fire up that camcorder [News Article]

The Souljazz Orchestra heads south of the border for first major US tour, heats up mild American winter [News Article]

Hot Snakes touring the West Coast, to the dismay of Indiana Jones [News Article]

Islands work real hard to get back into your pants with a Valentine’s Day surprise: new album and sexxxy, intimate tour [News Article]

Western Vinyl signs Lushlife, not to be confused with jazz standard "Lush Life" [News Article]

33 1/3 series announces call for proposals; will Lenny Kravitz's Circus get passed over again? [News Article]

Rhapsody moves into Europe via Napster purchase; Spotify is toootally not impressed [News Article]

Amen Dunes goes on tour for the benefit of your sinning, coal-black soul [News Article]

The Promo Bay starts taking applications as The Pirate Bay aims to further legitimize their torrent services [News Article]

US Supreme Court gives Congress the power to apply US copyrights to foreign-produced works in the public domain; forget about seeing Rear Window in your Intro To Film class [News Article]

Grooveshark continues to prove it has largest balls of any music service by launching an iOS-compatible mobile site [News Article]

Mad Men Season 5 spoiler alert!!! Don Draper road trips with blue muppet in new Herman Düne video; band tours, releases EP [News Article]

Venture capital firm KPC&B follows Ashton Kutcher's lead and gives massive amount to SoundCloud [News Article]

Arrington de Dionyso and Larkin Grimm tour West Coast, possibly in your living room? (go check) [News Article]

Grooveshark loses its only major label friend as EMI sues for royalties [News Article]

Damon & Naomi with Ghost back from the dead with bonus 7-inch on January 31 [News Article]

Matthew Dear leaves the darkness of Black City behind, prepares Headcage for 2012 by making some new friends [News Article]

Best Music Writing needs your help to become an independent publication [News Article]

Earth's Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light ROUND TWO scheduled for February 2012 [News Article]