Incriminating emails in Universal complaint spur Grooveshark to warn Digital Music News of potential subpoena requests [News Article]

Tujiko Noriko to brighten up your January with Tyme. x Tujiko release GYU on Editions Mego! [News Article]

Deerhoof overload: vinyl reissue of Reveille, new 7-inch with David Bazan, Asia-Pacific tour [News Article]

Google expands "piracy" search term censorship to well-known file sharing and hosting site names [News Article]

Rights holders circling in the water to attack Grooveshark [News Article]

Lambchop recipe #11 discovered, details to be released as Mr. M on Merge in February 2012 [News Article]

Radiohead announce first European tourdates for 2012 in an attempt to save the Euro zone [News Article]

Gross Bite release cassette EP Yod on Deep Tapes; as their name implies, don't eat it! [News Article]

Universal and Sony buy EMI; nothing really changes! [News Article]

Fennesz and Ryuichi Sakamoto join forces again this December to bring you Flumina on Touch [News Article]

Julian Koster charms the pants off of you with caroling tour and Music Tapes video; now you have no pants [News Article]

TuneCore: "We're launching a new music publishing service!" Major labels: "Why didn't WE think of that?" [News Article]

Acid Mothers Temple tour the British Isles (minus poor old Wales); earplug sales soar across the UK and Ireland [News Article]

Another rich old white man fails to purchase EMI from Citigroup [News Article]

Royal Trux comp Singles, Live, Unreleased gets Drag City re-release; they'll wait for you to call your dealer [News Article]

Albatrosh went to Yonkers, and all they've got to show for it is their new album on Rune Grammofon [News Article]

Oval gets his OvalDNA all over you with upcoming release of CD/DVD combo on Shitkatapult [News Article]

Ceremony tour family-friendly destinations in November and December; pack the kids up! [News Article]

Benoît Pioulard to release new mini-album on Desire Path, though not en français [News Article]

Fonal's Musik Mosaik Festival is coming to a Finland near you, with music, crafts, and Congolese music videos! [News Article]